Party Game Hive Mind Gets New & Updated Edition

June 13, 2022 by fcostin

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If you are one who enjoys their party games and like their board games built within a social capacity - you may have stumbled across Hive Mind from Calliope Games.

Hive Mind - Calliope Games

Hive Mind // Calliope Games

Encouraging no right or wrong answers, players are in a buzzing struggle to prove their worthiness to the all-powerful Queen Bee. Harnessing a hive-mind throughout the players scattered around the table, players will need to answer a series of intriguing questions and attempt to throw out answers which are the same as the other workers out there. Whatever players give the same response, will be rewarded points to tally up by the end of the game.

Calliope Games are working on less of a bee-centric venture, bringing a new edition this year to the tabletop with updated work, tweaked gameplay and a ton of new questions to get stuck into.

Players will be encouraged to think inside the box, coming up with familiar answers that would be used by all. Promoting individuality in answers will reward players with nothing, answering questions such as “Who are the 3 strongest superheroes?”. As being the strongest will be able to anticipate others' answers taking away opinions and hopefully flourishing logic - well, it depends who is around your table.

Question Prompts - Hive Mind

Question Prompts // Hive Mind

The game can be played with up to 12 different players taking roughly an hour to play, and with as few as three players - although do anticipate that games will be quicker the more players engaged. The new design takes players away from the queen bee/bug theme and strips the title back to simplicity. Focusing on the game itself, and the players involved.

Hive Mind First Edition - Calliope Games

Hive Mind First Edition // Calliope Games

The new revised edition will be ready to release to retail within the fourth quarter of the year, so if you are looking for an anticipation title to play around the table at Christmas - be sure to take a look at Hive Mind.

Have you played Hive Mind in its previous edition?

"The game can be played with up to 12 different players taking roughly an hour to play..."

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