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Czech Games Edition

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Make A Deal With The Devil To Manipulate Medieval Fantasy Power


Czech Games Edition is heading to Spiel this October with Deal With The Devil, a game of hidden roles in attempts to push power and corruption.

Manage Your First Planet-Hopping Crew In Starship Captains


2-4 players are challenged to take the helm of the bridge and command their own crew. In hopes to become the very best starship captain across the galaxy. 

New Explosive Adventures Await In Galaxy Trucker Expansion


Czech Games Edition has announced an upcoming expansion for the relaunched edition, entitled Keep on Trucking - expanding into new space plumbing adventures.

Adventure Into Desolation With Lost Ruins Of Arnak Expansion


Are you ready for a new adventure into the uncharted seas? Czech Games Edition has announced their upcoming expansion to the popular deck-building worker placement board game Lost Ruins of Arnak. With new content to expand in your search for new civilisations, with Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders. 

Galaxy Trucker is Getting a Relaunch Bringing Dangerous Space Antics to 2021


Have you ever played Galaxy Trucker? Originally, this game was released in 2007 and I would personally consider this a bit of a classic. The successful card game is getting a relaunch, with updated artwork and slight game changes to bring the space-fuelled adventure to 2021.  

Through The Ages Gets New Leaders & Wonders Expansion


Czech Games Edition (CGE) announced this week that the awesome civilisation building game Through The Ages is going to be getting an expansion pack with new cards for both Leaders And Wonders. 

Unboxing: Pictomania


Justin and Ryan channel their inner Bob Ross with the new version of popular party game Pictomania from Czech Games Edition.

CEG Preview Upcoming Demon Battler Board Game Sanctum


Sanctum has you taking on the role of valiant heroes trying to defeat demonic foes and the Lord Of Demons himself with dice-chucking combat and more.

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