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Fenris Games

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Battle Through 28mm Rubble City Terrain With Fenris Games


Fenris Games has taken to Kickstarter with a new campaign looking to bring some excellent 28mm resin wargaming terrain to life. Rubble City 2 has you battling through a devasted city on the hunt for treasure and all sorts of interesting goodies.

Community Spotlight: Stalkers, Rangers And The Creeping Undead!


Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great-looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...

Fenris’ Wyrdworld ReCreated Coming To Kickstarter Soon


Fenris Games are going to be bringing their realm of Wyrdworld to the tabletop soon through the wonders of Kickstarter. Wyrdworld ReCreated is going to add a range of 28mm anthropomorphic animals into the mix for you to use with your Fantasy games. 

Get A Look At Big Beastly Miniatures For Fenris’ Wyrdworld


The fellow known as "snuurg" has been tinkering around at more sculpts for the Wyrdworld range and they were recently previewed by Fenris Games.

Fenris Games Show Off Animal Warriors Of The Wyrdworld


Fenris Games have been working with the sculptor known as "snuurg" on a collection of Wyrdworld miniatures which should be coming to tabletops later this Autumn.

Fenris Games Announces It Is Facing Potential Closure


Fenris Games announced in a statement recently that it is having to close its doors, potentially forever. 

Fenris Preview APEX Tactical For Modern Warfare Gaming


Fenris Games has previewed one of the vehicles dropping soon, the APEX Technical, designed by Nigel Higgins.

Fenris Games Pilfer Inside Rubble City Terrain Prototypes


In the run-up to delivering upon their Kickstarter Fenris Games has shown off some prototype images of the Rubble City Terrain they have been working on.

Fenris Games Visit The Lost Shores Oracle With New Terrain


Fenris Games has finished off a new piece of terrain which is going to be available towards the end of October. Take your characters to go visit The Lost Shores Oracle. 

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