Get A Look At Big Beastly Miniatures For Fenris’ Wyrdworld

September 7, 2020 by brennon

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The fellow known as "snuurg" has been tinkering around at more sculpts for the Wyrdworld range and they were recently previewed by Fenris Games. Check out these mighty beasts who are towering compared to some of the regular animals we saw a while back.

Bear - Fenris Games

Bear // Fenris Games

As many of you will know, I am quite the lover of anthropomorphic animal miniatures and this collection is slowly drawing me in further and further. I really like the bigger beasts that we're seeing here with a very natural look to them. The lack of armour is rather awesome and I think the rudimentary weapon options help build on the aesthetic nicely.

As well as the Bear above (who I am certainly picking up) I think that this fellow also looks awesome, based on an ancient Arsinoitherium it seems.

Rhino - Fenris Games

Arsinoitherium // Fenris Games

This is, again, very cool indeed and I like the way they are tweaking some of the range to draw on a few animals that aren't quite your run-of-the-mill creature. You could imagine that this fellow is a little bit of a shaman or perhaps a brutal warrior who just likes crushing things with his massive hammer.

One of my favourite miniatures from the collection though is this Stag who looks like he could do some serious damage with his horns and the spear in his hands.

Stag - Fenris Games

Stag // Fenris Games

I am very tempted to pick up the Bear when the range releases as well as a few of the smaller creatures in the range. I think it would be fun to paint them up and whilst I don't think I'd drop them into Burrows & Badgers (the style might clash a bit) I think they would still be great to display.

Are you tempted by these new creatures from Fenris Games and snuurg?

"Are you tempted by these new creatures from Fenris Games and snuurg?"

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