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Fenris Games Builds The Ruins Of A City On Kickstarter


Fenris Games has taken to Kickstarter and there’s just over a week left for you to get your hands on their Rubble City.

A Sinister Sirrush Takes Form In The Forge of Ice


Forge of Ice Miniatures have a new beasty they will soon be releasing via Fenris Games; the scaly Sirrush.

A Chaos Dwerg Starter Set Causes Bedlam From Fenris Games


Designed by Delany King the folks at Fenris Games have now added the Chaos Dwerg Starter Set to their webstore for you to snap up.

Serve The Queen & Princess Of Zor-Al From Fenris At Salute 2017


When it comes to snapping up some special miniatures at Salute the folks at Fenris Games are going to be selling the pre-release resin miniatures of The Queen & Princess of Zor-Al.

Creepy Cthulhu Beasts Are Spawned By Fenris Games


Fenris Games has shown off some Cthulhu beasts that are coming soon to a tabletop near you. Spawned by some dark ritual they are writhing and chattering with a heinous madness!

The Draugr Rise From Fenris Games On Kickstarter


Fenris Games took to Kickstarter recently to put together a fundraiser looking to bring a range of Draugr (Norse Undead) to the tabletop. Well, they’ve been doing rather well and it’s worth heading over to check out what they’ve been working on!

The Dead Ride As Fenris Unearth Draugr Horsemen


Death is riding out as Fenris have revealed a new selection of undead horsemen and their skeletal steeds.

Tim Prow Sculpts Up Undead Wyrm For Fenris Games


Fenris Games are coming to Kickstarter next week for their Draugr project. The key focus of the campaign is going to be this rather epic looking Undead Wyrm, sculpted up by Tim Prow.

Fenris Raise A Draugr Wyrm From The Dead


Fenris have asked themselves the question “why stop at undead humans?” and have been busy raising up Vermiis, the Draugr Wyrm.

Fenris Go Ape Over New Four Armed Green


Fenris Games have put up a new model for pre-order, a four armed Great Polar Ape that is ready to show you why man might not be at the top of the food chain.

Fenris’ Rat King Rises To Rule Vermin Kind


For their latest sculpt, Fenris Games have taken a note from Germanic folklore and recreated the incredibly rare collective known as the Rat King.

Summon The Fires Of Fenris’ 3D Spell FX


Fenris Games are soon to come out with a new 3D Spell FX miniature piece that will allow you to drop your foes into a burning ring of fire!

Fenris Goes Quacking Over Some New Concepts


Fenris Games have recently announced that they will soon be bringing out a new series of miniatures based around Earth’s scariest creature; ducks!

The Dangerous Serpent Men Emerge From Fenris Games


The Cthulhu Wars range is growing with Fenris Games looking at a set of Serpentmen sculpts. While they are meant for the weird world of Cthulhu I could see these being a deadly foe for Conan…

The Monstrous Beast Demon Comes To Life From Snuurg & Fenris Games


If you’re looking for a monstrous foe to pit against heroes then this Beast Demon from Snuurg and Fenris Games looks like it could very well be the one. See what you think of him…

Fenris Games Take You Round The Rubble City Walls


Fenris Games have released a new set of walls in their Rubble City selection, moving away from the usual straight, right angled wall pieces we’ve seen in the past for something a bit more curved.

Fenris Work On Terrain To Leave Your Frostgrave City In Ruins


Fenris Games are working on a couple of new terrain pieces inspired by the ruined fantasy city of Frostgrave, most notably the Longstone Hut and the Brokenback Bridge.

Bubble Up Some Trouble in Fenris’ Black Cauldron


Fenris Games are cooking up a storm as they work on their new terrain accessory for the budding necromancer or witch and send out their Black Cauldron to pre-order.

Fenris Single The Pre-Order Of The Dwarf Firetower


We recently saw that Fenris Games were working on the latest in dwarf communications with their Firetower, ready to light the beacons around the kingdom. Now that tower has been released for pre-order, standing proud upon its hill even as its architecture suggests it could fall at any second.

Light The Beacons With Fenris Games’ Dwarf Firetower


This structure from Fenris Games has been built by the Dwarves as a Dwarf Firetower to spread messages around the Kingdom, from Hold to Hold. It is made of sturdy stone and no doubt the location of many a Dwarf Ranger over the years…

Fenris Build The Brightspear Tower For Your Tabletop


Fenris Games have a rather good looking building for you to check out which should be handy when you’re building a Fantasy or Historical tabletop and need a tower to take from some defenders. See what you think of Brightspear’s Tower…

Fenris Find a Bike for Their APEX Investigators


Fernis Games are back from Diceni 2015 and are preparing to deal with their order backlog. To tie us over in the meantime, they have shown off another of their APEX team’s vehicles.

Fenris’ APEX Investigator’s Are Getting a Car


Fenris Games have taken some new WiPs of a new armoured vehicle for their APEX paranormal investigation team, for when the weird things start getting out of hand.

A Pack of Undead Dogs Stalks Fenris Games


It looks like not even man’s best friend is sage from the zombie outbreak as Fenris Games bring a pack of dead dogs with them to Salute.

A New Shoggoth Rises Out of Fenris


Fenris Games have summoned another Shoggoth onto their webstore, this one caught in the act of rising up out of some unspeakable depths to terrorize an unfortunate investigator.

Fenris Games Build lord Dunsay’s Folly on Arkham Avenue


Fenris Games are currently working on a new bandstand named Lord Dunsay’s Folly for their Arkham Avenue terrain range.

Fenris’ New Alien Kit Morphs Into Something Familiar


Fenris Games seem to be trying to hit all the nostalgia buttons with their latest resin kit, as they have combined two famous pop-culture figures. Flee in terror from the horrifying Xenomorph!

Fenris’ Sulaco Floor Tiles Suffer a Hive Infestation


It looks like Fenris is having a bit of an infestation problem as they release six new Hive Sulaco Floor Tiles.

Fenris Work on Sulaco Walls for Sci-Fi Corridors


Fenris Games are working on making some Sulaco walls to help you build some retro style corridors for gaming in the far future.

Fenris Games Carve Their Table With Celtic Knots


If you happen to be the head of a group of knights arguing over who among them is first, then you might consider picking up Fenris’ new round Celtic Knot Table.

Fenris Games Leave Some Dwarven Pillars in Ruins


Fenris Games have a new terrain set of pillars up for pre-order that leave dwarven architecture in ruins.

Unravel the Mysteries Behind Fenris’ Necronom Henge


Fenris Games have a new set of terrain that will leave archaeologists stumped and perhaps drive them insane. Try not to look too closely at the inscriptions on Necronom Henge.

Fenris Games Mold A Wonderous Moon Bridge


Fenris Games have a stylish Moon Bridge that they are molding over these Christmas holidays and is currently available for pre-order from their webstore.

There is Some Thing Dwelling in Fenris’ Well!


Fenris Games have a new monster mini available for pre-order as some horrible Thing takes up residence in their well!

Fenris’ Fourth Phase of Cthulhu Wars is Released Upon the World


Fenris Games have released the fourth wave of miniatures for the Sandy Petersen strategy board game of Lovecraftian conflict, Cthulhu Wars. This new set of releases includes such mind-wrenching horrors as Yog-Sothoth, an Elder Thing and a terrible Leng Spider, […]

Marvel at the Subterranean Wonder of Fenris’ Stalagmites


A lot of fantasy games take place under ground, whether these be the sewers of Malifaux, the holds of the dwarves, or a dark and creepy dungeon of a necromancer. And what do you expect to find underground? Stalagmites, like the ones Fenris Games just made.

Something Bursts Through Fenris’ Cthulhu Cult Summoning Floor


Fenris Games are once again proving their devotion to Cthulhu with the release of their Cthulhu Cult Summoning Floor.

Stamp Across Fenris’ New Sulaco Bases


Fenris Games have released a set of 55mm Sulaco bases, perfectly suited for games such as Infinity and other such scifi settings.

Fenris Games’s Electricity Pylons Bring Power to the Table


Fenris Games have released a new laser cut terrain set to let you build Electricity Pylons across your tabletop.

Fenris Release Their Mini of the Master of the Macabre


Fenris Games’ new sculpt of H. P. Lovecraft, the primary writer behind the famous Cthulhu Mythos, has now been released on their webstore.

Fenris Work On A Dino Warrior From the Dawn of Time


Fenris Games are working on another mutant dinosaur warrior ready to bring the pre-historic pain. Don’t get into a head butting match with this mighty Ceratops.