Battle Through 28mm Rubble City Terrain With Fenris Games

September 15, 2022 by brennon

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Fenris Games has taken to Kickstarter with a new campaign looking to bring some excellent 28mm resin wargaming terrain to life. Rubble City 2 has you battling through a devasted city on the hunt for treasure and all sorts of interesting goodies.

Rubble City 2 Kickstarter - Fenris Games

Rubble City 2 Kickstarter // Fenris Games

This project builds on Rubble City 1 by The Lazy Forger and provides you with a fascinating selection of terrain to use in all sorts of different games. Run-down locations are perfect for explorers to delve into games like Frostgrave, Rangers Of Shadow Deep, Dungeons & Dragons and more. You don't have to go Fantasy either as this terrain would also work well or Historical games like Bolt Action or practically anything Medieval.

Rubble City 2 Pledges - Fenris Games

Rubble City 2 Pledges // Fenris Games

As you can see, the terrain pledges cover a variety of larger buildings as well as smaller pieces of scatter terrain and cover. You also get loads of incidental pieces that could be used to heighten the narrative during your adventures. Explore piles of lost and forgotten treasure, teeter over rickety wooden platforms and dive for cover behind collapsed walls.

If you're playing a lot of skirmish games at the moment where the footprint is somewhere around the 2x2 or 3x3 size, you could probably snap up the big set here and be sorted for terrain almost entirely! As mentioned above, if you're familiar with the work of The Lazy Forger then you'll certainly want to be diving in and checking out this range. They have done a sterling job on the sculpting and offering up a vast variety of options for you to make interesting tabletops.

Certain sets are also available as Add-Ons and you can also pick up a set of miniatures to go with the terrain too if you like.

Could you be tempted to snap up this terrain as it does a good job of covering all genres of wargame...

" does a good job of covering all genres of wargame"

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