Free League Publishing

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Company Information

We are the Free League (Fria Ligan in Swedish), a Stockholm based publisher of games and books. Being lifelong gamers and readers we started Free League Publishing in 2011 and published our first game the following year. Since then we have grown, started a indie label, published a number of award-winning games and critically acclaimed art books.

In 2013 we acquired the licence to Mutant, one of Sweden’s most revered RPGs, originally published in 1984. Our version Mutant: Year Zero has been translated into six languages and won a Silver-Ennie for Best Rules among other awards.

Our book publishing has been equally successful with two critically acclaimed art books by artist Simon Stålenhag published in 2014 and ‘16 respectively. Stålenhag is now a full fledged member of the Free League and also illustrates covers for our game range.