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JoeK Minis

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JoeK Return To Kickstarter With Their Odyssey Anthology


JoeK Minis have been getting ready for a return to Kickstarter as they look to offer up not just a handful of sculpts but everything from their Odyssey range. 

Grab Sci-Fi Gods In JoeK’s Odyssey: Anthropos Kickstarter


JoeK Minis has taken to Kickstarter with their project, Odyssey: Anthropos, which adds some new miniatures to their collection of the mortal persuasion. 

JoeK’s Odyssey: Anthropos Kickstarter Launches November 7th


JoeK Minis has now revealed the date for their new Odyssey: Anthropos Kickstarter which will introduce four new characters into the mix for their Sci-Fi/Greek miniatures range. 

JoeK Preview More Odyssey Humans For Upcoming Kickstarter


JoeK Minis has been previewing more of the releases coming your way for their new Anthropos Kickstarter which expands on the world of Odyssey which brings a Sci-Fi take to Greek Mythology. 

JoeK Showcase First Anthropos Miniature For Odyssey


JoeK Minis are getting ready for another Kickstarter to support their range of Odyssey Sci-Fi mythos characters.

JoeK’s Caravan Kickstarter Now Live!


The Caravan Kickstarter, created by JoeK Minis in conjunction with Twilight, is now live. You have a short window to snap up this wonderful little diorama/vignette so be quick!

JoeK & Twilight Join Forces For The Caravan Kickstarter


JoeK Minis and Twilight have joined forces to produce this wonderful miniature/diorama/vignette for you to use on the tabletop. 

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