Grab Sci-Fi Gods In JoeK’s Odyssey: Anthropos Kickstarter

November 13, 2019 by brennon

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JoeK Minis has taken to Kickstarter with their project, Odyssey: Anthropos, which adds some new miniatures to their collection of the mortal persuasion.

Anthropos Mortals #1 - JoeK

The focus of the campaign rests on these four new figures, Barak, Oenone, Ellen and Galen who are the crew of the mighty ship known as the Paralos. In this world of Sci-Fi mixed with Greek Mythology, they are travelling to a dead world which isn't quite as dead as it seems. Much like Jason and Odysseus of yore, they are heading out into the unknown in search of adventure.

BIG Gods & Add-Ons

Some other cool elements for this Kickstarter come in the form of a new MASSIVE sculpt for Hephaestus who has been given a serious overhaul for this particular campaign.

Hephaestus Redux - JoeK

This new model of the mighty god stands at around 250mm from top to bottom and is a heavy-duty model, a perfect foe for you to face across the landscape of a dead world. You can see just how tall this fellow is alongside some of the other miniatures here...

Hephaestus Redux Comparison - JoeK

Yep, this man is biiiiiiig! As well as the massive new model they have thrown into the mix there is also an Add-On model from Ari Nielsson for Pemphredo.

Pemphredo - JoeK

Pemphredo in Greek Mythology was one of the Grey Sisters or Graeae and played the role of the fates within their world of myth and legend. To that end this lady follows much the same rules here as someone watching the way the crew of the Paralos adventure, keeping an eye on their fate.

If you're interested in the background of the world that JoeK Minis has brought to life you can delve into their Kickstarter to find out more HERE.

Are you tempted to pick up some of these new models?

"Are you tempted to pick up some of these new models?"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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