JoeK Preview More Odyssey Humans For Upcoming Kickstarter

September 23, 2019 by brennon

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JoeK Minis has been previewing more of the releases coming your way for their new Anthropos Kickstarter which expands on the world of Odyssey which brings a Sci-Fi take to Greek Mythology.

Odessey Humans #1 - JoeK

A few new humans have been added into the mix for the game, expanding on a range which has previously been filled with Gods, Monsters and Heroes of renown. Now we're seeing some of those who might fight alongside these daring heroes as they battle the deadly creatures of the realm.

Odessey Humans #2 - JoeK

The current focus seems to be aimed at four new models in total, each sculpted by Stavros. I love the mix of mythology, history and Sci-Fi all together creating a very interesting world. It's a theme and idea that we've seen developed in other ways like in the game Too Human which did something similar with Norse mythology.

Odessey Humans Painted - JoeK

So, as you can see we've seen three of the four humans who are getting added into the mix but there will no doubt be a bit more coming when the Kickstarter launches.

Are you going to be delving into this Kickstarter when it goes live?

"Are you going to be delving into this Kickstarter when it goes live?"

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