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Plastic Alchemy

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Let’s Play: Kordran Conflict – Siege

7 days ago 1

Josh from Plastic Alchemy is back to go through another Let's Play of Kordran Conflict with Justin.

3D Printing Your Own Kordran Conflict Miniature


With Plastic Alchemy in the studio, Justin borrows some advice in learning how to print your own Kordran Conflict Miniature at home.

Let’s Play Kordran Conflict: Bomb Diffuse

2 weeks ago 1

Josh and Justin are back at it with another game of Kordran Conflict.

Weekender: D-Day German Launch & WIN Aeronautica Imperialis

2 weeks ago 190

We delve inside Aeronautica Imperialis and talk about more news from the tabletop world PLUS a Bolt Action: Korea tournament in October!

Kordran Conflict Kickstarter Summary

2 weeks ago 0

Josh from Plastic Alchemy joins Justin in the studio to talk more about the Kickstarter for Kordran Conflict.

Let’s Play Kordran Conflict: Treasure

3 weeks ago 3

Justin is joined by Josh from Plastic Alchemy to play a game of Kordran Conflict.

Weekender: Infinity Campaign Announced & Win A FoW German D-Day Bundle!


We're getting stuck into World War II with Flames Of War, Age Of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 in today's show!

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