Weekender: Infinity Campaign Announced & Win A FoW German D-Day Bundle!

August 31, 2019 by warzan

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Come and join us for another absolutely massive Weekender which is packed with chat about what has been going on in the world of tabletop gaming this week.

Weekender: Infinity Campaign Announced & Win A FoW German D-Day Bundle!

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We have a lot to get stuck into from Kickstarter, Games Workshop and more so as always make sure to let us know your thoughts on everything in the comments below.

Comment To Win - Flames Of War D-Day German Starter Bundle

If you comment here on OnTableTop (two entries) or on Youtube (one entry) you'll get the chance to win yourself a great German army to start playing Flames Of War. This includes an Army, D-Day German Book, Unit Cards and Command Cards. Keep an eye out for their Live Launch on September 7th too!

All you have to do is let us know what you'll be doing with this should you pick it up!

The Start Of WWII In Poland

oriskany and yavasa from the community have been working away on a great forum topic which charts the start of World War II. Come and remember the anniversary of the invasion of Poland by German in their forum topic HERE.

Weekender: Infinity Campaign Announced & Win A FoW German D-Day Bundle!

Updates - Spam & Hobby

We are just giving you an update on spam as we've had a lot of problems with weird accounts on the site. As well as that we are going to be moving the Hobby Hangout for now and talking about Community Spotlight on Sunday with the Cult Of Games/XLBS show instead.

Keep an eye out for our community chatter there and get stuck in with the comments of course too.


Make sure to check out some of the news we got excited about this week...

  • Ossiarch Bonereapers - A new undead faction coming to Age Of Sigmar
  • Sisters & Psychics - New stories unfold in Warhammer 40,000 plus a full Adepta Sororitas army!
  • Aeronautica Imperialis - Introduce a new dogfighting game into the mix from the folks at Games Workshop
  • War In Rohan - A new supplement and some cool miniatures are coming to support Middle-earth wargamers
  • ZEN Terrain's Drowned Earth - Check out this awesome modular Shanty Town and our Let's Plays HERE
  • Clank! Legacy - Delve into a new take on this deck builder from the folks at Dire Wolf & Renegade Game Studios

Make sure to drop all of your thoughts on this news into the comments and fill us in on something which we might have missed.

Weekender: Infinity Campaign Announced & Win A FoW German D-Day Bundle!

Plastic Alchemy Introduction

We take some time to chat with the team behind Plastic Alchemy who are looking to be some of the first people to create their first 3D printable board game, Kordran Conflict. You can sign up to follow all of the news about the game HERE.


Here are two projects worth checking out and potentially backing...

  • Cryptic Explorers - This is a dark and dangerous Sci-Fi dungeon crawler with an insanely good look to it!
  • Future World Creator - GameStart Edizioni show off their stunningly colourful tiles, standees and more

Could you be tempted by either of these campaigns?

Have a great weekend!

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