War Comes To Rohan In Games Workshop’s Middle-earth SBG

August 29, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has not left Middle-earth out in the cold either when it comes to their previews of what's coming soon. This time around the focus shifts to Rohan with the new War In Rohan supplement.

War In Rohan - Games Workshop

The new supplement will no doubt follow similar threads from Gondor At War where you'll get a number of different scenarios to play out plus more character profiles and rules to help build thematic forces. This could lead us into clashes with the Dunlendings, the battle at Helm's Deep and the clash between the forces of Saruman, Rohan and the Three Hunters as they made their trip across dangerous lands.

To supplement that and help you build your own Edoras the team at Games Workshop have worked on a new terrain kit.

Rohan House - Games Workshop

As you can see that is a rather nice looking house and I hope it's plastic rather than resin for starters. Either way, it's a stunning little kit and helps those who find themselves following these Horse Lords to build their own Edoras. Also...that's a nice big Meduseld behind the house. Can we get that too, please?

The White Wizard

Arrayed against the forces of Rohan we have Saruman and his fighting Uruk-Hai. So, much as we got new models to suit plenty of the heroes from Middle-earth we also have two of its most devious villains in the shame of a new release which includes a Mounted Saruman...

Mounted Saruman - Games Workshop

...and also a version of him on foot alongside Grima Wormtongue. I think all three of these models look absolutely awesome and would be a brilliant addition to someone's Middle-earth collection. Since Sam is a collector of Uruk-Hai right now I'm sure he'd love to add these to his army.

Saruman & Grima - Games Workshop

I have the old metal models for both of these characters and whilst they are nice and set in pride of place amongst my collection I could be tempted by more plastic. I do also have a force of Rohirrim just sitting there, waiting to be painted, so I might even find myself dipping a toe back into Middle-earth proper.

Are you going to be fighting for Rohan as either Good or Evil?

"I might even find myself dipping a toe back into Middle-earth proper..."

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