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Forge World Brings Azog’s Goblin Mercenaries To Middle-earth


The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game and its Evil forces get some more reinforcements from Forge World in the shape of these Goblin Mercenaries you would have seen in The Battle Of The Five Armies.

Forge World’s Alpharius Takes Command Of The Alpha Legion


Forge World is adding more traitors to your collection with the full release of Primarch Alpharius of the Alpha Legion (or is it?) this week on their webstore.

A New Range Of Middle-earth Miniatures On The Way


Games Workshop and the Specialist Games Studio has shown off some brand new miniatures for The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and what is fast becoming the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

Weekender: Greater Than Games’ Ace Collection & 80’s Cop Fun In Hard City


Welcome to The Weekender which features
us talking about all manner of interesting
tabletop topics including what’s new in the
world as well as chatting with
some ace guests as well.

Josef Bugman & Primarch Alpharius Available At Warhammer Fest


Forge World is going to be in attendance at Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fest on May 12th & 13th and they are bringing some special miniatures for you to snap up. The first of these is a return of Josef Bugman to the Blood Bowl pitch.

Forge World Introduces Four New Hired Guns To Necromunda’s Underhive


Forge World has shown off four new Hired Guns that you can hire for your gangs in Necromunda by Games Workshop.

Van Saar & Man’s Best Friend Take Over The Underhive In Necromunda Soon


The gang war is hotting up down in the Underhive as Games Workshop adds another gang into the mix this weekend. Necromunda sees the Van Saar making an appearance with their high tech weaponry that wouldn’t be out of place in a world like Infinity.

Forge World Armour Up In The Aurox Transport


Forge World has added another model into the mix for your Horus Heresy-era games. Here we have the Aurox Armoured Transport.

It Still Only Counts As One! Forge World’s Big LotR Mumak Upgrades


Forge World has added another big kit to their webstore for fans of The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit. Here we have their Mûmak War Leader…

Assault From Underground With Forge World’s Termite Assault Drill


Get stuck into an assault from underground with Forge World and their new Terraz Pattern Termite Assault Drill. Why wouldn’t you want one of these?

GW Working On New Quest To Mount Doom LotR Board Game


Games Workshop this week showed off their new board game set in Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Quest to Mount Doom has you playing as members of the Fellowship, each trying to be the one who throws The One Ring into Mount Doom.

Forge World Arm Necromunda’s Goliath Gang


Warhammer Community has just previewed a new set of weapon options Forge World are preparing for Necromunda’s Goliath Gang.

Forge World’s Nazgul Of Dol Guldur Gather As One


Forge World has now made available the last of the Nazgul Of Dol Gudur! The final three in the set is now available up on their webstore for you to snap up, completing the set from The Hobbit movie series.

Classic Land Speeder Design Given New Life By Forge World


Classic models have always been the domain of Forge World and their latest plan sees them reviving the Rogue Trader design for the first Land Speeder that the Space Marines got to use in Warhammer 40,000.

Rally Behind Constantin Valdor Of The Legio Custodes By Forge World


There was some stuff about weapon options for The Escher Gangs in Necromunda today by Forge World. But, hey, I liked the look of this instead so here’s Constantin Valdor Captain-General of the Legio Custodes.

Forge World’s Legio Custodes Shield Captain Leads The Way


Forge World lead the way with their Legio Custodes Shield Captain which is now available on their webstore.

Lake-Town Heroes & Armoured Goblins On The Way For The Hobbit


Games Workshop previewed some new models for The Hobbit in their round-up on the Grand Tournament that happened last weekend.

Forge World Preview Future Hives Of Necromunda


It seems that in the future you will be able to take your Necromunda gangs to whole new hive cities as Forge World give us a peek at what is in store.

Forge World Show The True Powers Of Necromunda As They Preview The Guilds


Forge World are bringing something new to Necromunda, the economic powerhouses of the Guilds.

A Trio Of Forge World Hired Guns Joins The Scum of Necromunda


Necromunda is full of the downtrodden, the degenerate, the outcasts of society. But just because they’re Scum doesn’t mean they’re not good with a gun, as shown by Forge World’s trio of Hired Guns.

The Next Group of Dol Guldur Nazgul Stalk Into Forge World


Forge World have put up the second set of Dol Guldur Nazgul up for pre-order.