Vampires Swoop Back Into Blood Bowl With New Team & More!

September 19, 2023 by brennon

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The new Vampire Team for Blood Bowl previewed during the NOVA Open, is now going to be available to pre-order this weekend from Games Workshop. If you're looking for a swanky Hammer Horror-themed Fantasy Football team, this ticks a lot of boxes and doesn't suck!

The Drakfang Thirsters - Blood Bowl

The Drakfang Thirsters // Blood Bowl

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This plastic team comes with fourteen miniatures in total allowing you to make your core team of blood-suckers. You get two Vampire Blitzers, two Vampire Runners, two Vampire Throwers and then Eight Thralls that make up the numbers and provide your vampires with some snacks once they get peckish.

You'll also note that the set comes with loads of additional bits and pieces, a fun addition to the Blood Bowl plastic sprues, including balls, coins, tokens and transfers.

Big Guys & Star Players!

In addition to the core plastic team, you're also going to be able to get your hands on Big Guys and Star Players for you to use with them. We start with the Vargheist.

Vargheist - Blood Bowl

Vargheist // Blood Bowl

This fellow is a bundle of muscle and brutality. Storming across the pitch, this fellow is going to be causing all sorts of mayhem. I doubt that he cares too much about the ball so essentially let loose this brute and see how many opposing players can be sent to the dugout.

You've also got a variety of Star Players kicking things off with Count Luthor von Drakenborg.

Count Luthor von Drakenborg - Blood Bowl

Count Luthor von Drakenborg // Blood Bowl

The Count was once a proper GOAT and now is back to kick ass and take names. His special skills offer up an extra reroll and he is so well behaved he no longer has the need to drink blood in the middle of a match.

You can also cause some chaos with Captain Karina von Riesz.

Captain Karina von Riesz - Blood Bowl

Captain Karina von Riesz // Blood Bowl

This lady has a great hat (which counts for a lot) but also comes with a solid set of skills that get the job done. With extra strength and dexterity gifted to her thanks to the curse of unlife, she is going to be a solid option when it comes to passing the ball.

Last but not least, we have the mighty Ivan "The Animal" Deathshroud.

Ivan The Animal Deathshroud - Blood Bowl

Ivan "The Animal" Deathshroud // Blood Bowl

Hard as nails, probably owing to him being a skeleton covered in armour, he is going to be pretty hard to shift. I hope you like bat wings! All of these players that you've seen here can be used alongside Sylvanian Spotlight teams when diving into games of Blood Bowl.

It should also be noted that whilst the full team is plastic, the Star Players and such are all Forge World resin.

Rules & Accessories

The rules for the new Vampire Team will be part of Spike! Journal 16. You'll find rules for your core team alongside all of the extra miniatures above. As a bonus, you can also get all of these accessories to use alongside your undead team.

Vampire Team Accessories - Blood Bowl

Vampire Team - Accessories // Blood Bowl

There is a wonderful new pitch, a pack of cards for quickly referencing players on the fly and those nice themed dice. A good bonus for those who want to glam up their Vampire Team in Blood Bowl.

Will you be picking up these new miniatures?

"'re also going to be able to get your hands on Big Guys and Star Players for you to use with them"

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