“Get Off The Road” With New Middle-earth Forge World Diorama

August 7, 2023 by brennon

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Games Workshop is going to be taking Made To Order pre-orders for a new Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game diorama. "Get Off The Road" from Forge World is a snapshot of an iconic moment from The Fellowship Of The Ring, crafted in resin and a potential pick-up for collectors and hobbyists.

Get Off The Road - Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

"Get Off The Road" // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

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This particular piece shows the Ringwraith, Khamûl The Easterling, in that moment where Frodo encourages his friends to get off the road and seek refuge. Stalking forth on his nightmarish mount, he has the sniff of something nearby but thankfully our plucky Hobbits were able to escape from his clutches.

Get Off The Road Details - Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

"Get Off The Road" - Details // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

As you can see, the Ringwraith comes away from the base, as do The Hobbits who are keeping an eye out for trouble. This means that at least with Khamûl, you could have a playable miniature out of this set. The diorama coming apart as it does also makes it a little easier to paint which is handy.

I can see a lot of these showing up next year at Golden Demon. It seems the perfect piece to paint up in lots of interesting ways to show your talents. And now the rub, how do you get your hands on this?

As mentioned earlier, the diorama will be available on a Made To Order basis from the 12th August through till 21st August. Whilst this means you are going to get a copy, it might not be for up to 180 days (sheesh!). Additionally, the diorama will be available from Warhammer World from the 12th August.

It's not quite what people wanted when we saw the Middle-earth preview at Warhammer Fest but at least it's something and it was a confirmation that the game isn't going away, at least any time soon. It does raise questions as to why it took so long for this Fellowship memorial to come out though. We've already passed the milestone for The Two Towers now! The licencing world can be a murky one.

Will you be getting this when it becomes available this weekend? I suggest you wait to see the price first when pre-orders go live and decide from there!

Some Hobbity-bobbity goodness!

"I can see a lot of these showing up next year at Golden Demon..."

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