Van Saar Mount Up In New Rigs + New Book For Necromunda!

September 26, 2023 by brennon

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Games Workshop previewed some upcoming releases for the 28mm skirmish game set in the world of Warhammer 40,000, Necromunda. The narrative continues in the Ash Wastes and the Van Saar are getting themselves some new technology to play around with.

Ruins Of Jardlan - Necromunda

Ruins Of Jardlan // Necromunda

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Following on from the events of the last book, Ruins Of Jardlan sees the seven Noble Houses of Necromunda in disarray. With the death of Lord Gerontius Helmawr at the hands of an assassin, there is a power struggle in Hive Primus. But, the fighting outside of the Hive City is still as fierce as ever as the scraps continue in the Ash Wastes.

New Van Saar Miniatures

If you're out in the Ash Wastes then you might blast through the sands on the back of a tracked or wheeled vehicle or on the back of a creature. Van Saar isn't interested in that. They are going properly wild with the Arachni-Rig!

Arachni-rigs - Necromunda

Arachni-rigs // Necromunda

The Van Saar have properly pushed the boat out with these Arachni-rigs which are going to be available in plastic and give them a proper leg up when it comes to besting their enemies on the tabletop. These walkers are also known as the Arachnika Ash-jumpers are very manoeuvrable. They come armed with different weapons including a flamer or a harpoon launcher.

Arachni-rigs Details - Necromunda

Arachni-rigs Details // Necromunda

This should make for an interesting set of miniatures for those looking to tackle the Ash Wastes with Van Saar as their House of choice. Somewhere, an Infinity faction wants its TAGs back in the workshop.

New Ash Waste Nomads Character

As well as the Arachni-rig for the Van Saar, we have a new pair of miniatures coming out for the Ash Wastes Nomads as well. Asun’ghar, The Lady of Ash is leading the way for her people alongside Terror's Shadow.

The Lady Of Ash & Terrors Shadow - Necromunda

The Lady Of Ash & Terror's Shadow // Necromunda

The Lady Of Ash is a spirit speaker and has been known to bond with the scavenging creatures that dwell in the wastelands. She has one very faithful beast under her command, in particular, the terrifying Terror's Shadow which seems an apt name for this deadly Grapplehawk.

I really like The Lady Of Ash and the Nomads in general. I think they have an awesome vibe to them and look so different from the other gangs in Necromunda. If I was going to dive into the game I've always thought it would be fun to run Goliaths or the Ash Wastes Nomads and seeing characters like this is tipping the scales more in the outlander's favour!

I think this also continues the trend of Necromunda having some of the best miniatures of any Games Workshop game. I really like what we've seen for Middle-earth (obviously), Warcry and Warhammer Underworlds but the Necromunda range is packed with some stunning characters.

Battle Across Ash Wastes Terrain

As well as the miniatures above, you're also going to be able to pick up the Ash Wastes Outpost which will give you a new location to fight over.

Ash Wastes Outpost - Necromunda

Ash Wastes Outpost // Necromunda

Whilst I think there are probably better MDF and 3D Printable options out there, I do quite like the look of this set. I like the addition of more height and I could see a lot of very deadly fights happening atop those walkways and ramps as people plunge to their deaths after getting hit with something hefty!

These releases will be popping up soon from Games Workshop alongside new vehicle options for the Palanite Enforcers and Ironhead Squad Prospectors.

Are you battling in the Ash Wastes right now and following the story in Necromunda?

"...this also continues the trend of Necromunda having some of the best miniatures of any Games Workshop game"

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