New Squat Hired Guns & Machines Join The Scraps In Necromunda

October 17, 2023 by brennon

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Games Workshop has shared that a pair of new Hired Guns are coming to the Ash Wastes of Necromunda to support the Squats in their endeavours. The burly Grimjarls are going to be using their weapons and accessories to mine out a fortune and use it to finance their future prospecting missions.

Orrin Grimjarl - Necromunda

Orrin Grimjarl // Necromunda

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Orrin and his kinsman Urson are two of the last survivors of Jardlan which was a Squat hold that got destroyed under "mysterious circumstances". Orrin is armed to the teeth and acts as Last Charter Lord Of Jardlan. He has access to a deadly fractal pulse beamer and an inferno pistol! He also rocks a Techmite Exovator which could drill its way through some key objectives or some knees!

The second of the new Hired Guns is Urson Grimjarl, the younger brother of Orrin.

Urson Grimjarl - Necromunda

Urson Grimjarl // Necromunda

This fellow is a bit more of a lone wolf and comes with a longshot hunting rifle which is used for picking off enemies from a good distance. It can even be tuned to make it rapid-fire and with a dose of rending. He is also followed around by a neat little robot, the Techmite Occuli. He is eager to hunt down the Ash Wastes Nomads that destroyed his home.

The last of the new Forge World resin miniatures is the Skalvian Explorator.

Skalvian Explorator - Necromunda

Skalvian Explorator // Necromunda

These Explorators are going to be handy for watching over your Squats as they get stuck into their mining. Armed with an Ironhead Claw, it can destroy obstacles and anything that gets in the way and it also has a transport bed so you can get your Squats from A to B. You can also tinker with different weapons including a flamer or heavy stubber.

Could you be tempted to pick up these new Squats for your Necromunda gang?

"The burly Grimjarls are going to be using their weapons and accessories to mine out a fortune..."

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