Dwarfs New & Old Coming Next For Warhammer: The Old World

March 21, 2024 by brennon

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My chosen army for the majority of Warhammer Fantasy Battles will be coming next for Warhammer: The Old World! The Dwarfen Mountain Holds are opening their gates and new plastic miniatures and plenty of returning classics will be hitting the tabletop soon from Games Workshop.

Dwarf Lord - Warhammer The Old World

Dwarf Lord // Warhammer: The Old World

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Leading the way is a new Dwarf Lord kit that comes with a bunch of options. There are two miniatures in the box allowing you to craft the Lord and hie Shieldbearers (above) or simply a Lord on foot, ready to engage the enemy in the front ranks of his regiment of Hammerers.

Dwarf Lord On Foot - Warhammer The Old World

Dwarf Lord On Foot // Warhammer: The Old World

You can choose from a great weapon or one axe and shield and there are interchangeable heads in the set as well. There was always a fabled plastic Dwarf Lord set that never got released and so it's nice to see The Old World has managed to coax one out of the design studio and onto the tabletop. I really like the Dwarf Lord set as a whole (who is surprised) and I can't wait to get one for myself to paint up.

Slightly lower ranked but not less impressive, we also have this Dwarf Thane with handgun. He is going to be available in Forge World Resin and could well be the right kind of character to keep your Thunderers in check.

Dwarf Thane - Warhammer The Old World

Dwarf Thane // Warhammer: The Old World

He is joined in Forge World Resin by a younger Slayer King looking to make a name for himself. The legendary Ungrim Ironfist is the lord and protector of Karak Kadrin and looks ready to step out onto the field of battle, warring between his different oaths.

Ungrim Ironfist - Warhammer The Old World

Ungrim Ironfist // Warhammer: The Old World

This is quite a nice take on the Slayer King and with a few nods to the classic miniature. Ungrim Ironfist is not going to be the only one of the Dwarfs returning to the tabletop in The Old World. These bearded folk have long lives and have fought for many hundreds of years so you're likely to see other personalities popping up.

Classic Kits Returning

As well as the new characters in plastic and resin, there will also be some kits plucked from the history books and forced back into service on the tabletop. All of your kits from 8th Edition will be here including plastic Warriors and Thunderers/Quarrellers alongside characters like the Runesmith/Runelord. But, Games Workshop will also be bringing back some stunners.

Slayers - Warhammer The Old World

Slayers // Warhammer: The Old World

A host of the classic Slayers are going to be making an appearance once more. Ever wanted to run that Slayer army from back in the day? You might get a chance to dive back in and make that a reality and perhaps even throw in a Goblin Hewer or two for good measure.

Some proper classics are also coming back to the tabletop including the likes of the Dragon Company.

Dragon Company - Warhammer The Old World

Dragon Company // Warhammer: The Old World

This is going to be one of the Made To Order sets that they release, stretching back into the middle of the 1980s! It comes with Prince Ulther and his Champion, Borri Forkbeard, arrive alongside a bunch of his Dwarf Warriors. You can use them as a Regiment Of Renown in your Dwarfen and Imperial armies.

A lot more is planned for the release of the Dwarfs so if you're interested in getting a peek at the different kits, you can find them HERE. There are too many to show off here!

New Battalion Box & Arcane Journal

If you're new to The Old World when you might need to start off with the new Battalion box that is going to be coming out when the Dwarfen Mountain Holds make their stand.

Dwarfen Mountain Holds Battalion - Warhammer The Old World

Dwarfen Mountain Holds Battalion // Warhammer: The Old World

This set comes with thirty-two Dwarf Warriors which can be built with hand weapons and shields or great weapons. You will also get thirty-two Dwarf Quarrellers/Thunderers for you to use when forming your gunline at the back of the board. This is then finished off by two Gyrocopters which can also be built as Gyrobombers. This is a solid core and you just need a hero or two and some artillery and you'd be good to go I say. Perhaps drop in a more specialised unit for good measure!

Expanded rules for the Dwarfen Mountain Holds will also come out as part of their Arcane Journal.

Arcane Journal Dwarfen Mountain Holds - Warhammer The Old World

Arcane Journal - Dwarfen Mountain Holds // Warhammer: The Old World

This will include two time period-specific Armies Of Infamy as well as additional unit profiles and magical items. You'll also get two special characters to use (one being Ungrim Ironfist) and plenty of extra lore. If you have Forces Of Fantasy, you don't need this book but it could be a good additional extra. Of course, special dice and reference cards are also on the way.

What do you like about the new and the classic returning for the Dwarfs of The Old World?

"What do you like about the new and the classic returning for the Dwarfs of The Old World?"

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