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Soulblight Gravelords; Best Age Of Sigmar Army Yet? + WIN 2 Conquest First Blood Sets #OTTWeekender


This week on the OTTWeekender! Are the new Soulblight Gravelords the best Age Of Sigmar army yet? PLUS, we give away 2 Conquest First Blood sets!

Stunning Graveyard Comes To Tabletop World’s Kickstarter


Tabletop World is now back on Kickstarter with another fantastic looking 28/32mm Terrain. This time around, they are venturing into an ancient Graveyard which could be used in your Fantasy or Historical games.

Tabletop World Tease Their Gothic Graveyard Terrain Kickstarter


Tabletop World have been showing off some previews for their upcoming Gothic Graveyard Terrain which will be gracing wargaming tabletops in the near future.

Tabletop World Showcase New Stable Terrain


Last month, Tabletop World announced that they would be releasing a new Stable Terrain kit.

Tabletop World Look For Support Building The City Of Altburg


Tabletop World, alongside Broken Egg Games, are going to be coming to Kickstarter on July 12th with their City Of Altburg project.

Tabletop World Re-Release Graveyard Terrain Bundle


Due to the success of it's first run, Tabletop World are pleased to announce that they are reintroducing their popular Graveyard Kit for purchase, for a limited time only!

Tabletop World Sell Goods From Their New Merchant Shop


Tabletop World has been crafting themselves another amazing terrain piece. This time around you can go and visit the wonderful Merchant Shop.

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