Tabletop World Ventures Into The Realm Of 3D Printed Terrain

March 3, 2023 by brennon

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Tabletop World is well known for using quite classic methods of sculpting when it comes to creating their amazing terrain pieces. In many cases, their buildings are built stone by stone and brick by brick before being made available as complete terrain kits. Well, they are now taking their first steps into 3D sculpting and 3D printing.

3D Printed Examples - Tabletop World

3D Printed Examples // Tabletop World

In a recent blog post, the folks behind Tabletop World started to discuss the pros and cons of working in this digital medium. They have been waiting for 3D Printers and sculpting technology to get to a spot where they are happy with the fact that it wouldn't sacrifice the quality that Tabletop World is known for.

Some of the examples (like the one above) are looking very nice indeed and you wouldn't know that this had come to life in a different way from their traditional kits. Older buildings are still going to be cast in resin and the classic kits from Tabletop World won't be going away. But, new terrain that they are working on will be explored with new digital tools.

Tabletop World are going to be starting off small (or as small as Tabletop World goes) with a Kickstarter campaign focused on making the most detailed Market Square that you could think of for your Historical and Fantasy games.

The Market - Tabletop World

The Market // Tabletop World

They are going to be making the stalls, the crates, the fruit and vegetable and more. Once they have completed work on the Market over on Kickstarter, they will be looking at making smaller structures like Cottages and Townhouses before tackling the massive Brewery kit.

It certainly makes sense for Tabletop World to also be embracing the world of 3D design and printing. I love the idea that they used to build things by hand in such bespoke ways but technology opens up new avenues for them to create terrain faster and tweak and change things on the fly.

It's good that the original kits are still going to be available but it will be interesting to see where their 3D printing journey takes them.

Will you be taking a look at their Market collection?

"Tabletop World are going to be starting off small (or as small as Tabletop World goes)..."

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