Tabletop World Re-Release Graveyard Terrain Bundle

May 16, 2019 by cassn

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Due to the success of it's first run, Tabletop World are pleased to announce that they are reintroducing their popular Graveyard Kit for purchase, for a limited time only!


The Graveyard Kit contains everything you need to transform your tabletop into a super spooky scenario for wargaming! Complete with Tombstones, Mausoleum, Dead Tree, Walls, Fences, and Base - this kit is packed full of cemetery creepiness!


Furthermore, for those who already own some of the elements within the kit, Tabletop World has also made it possible to just order the base, walls, and fences as one separate bundle.


I think this is a really great value bundle offer for an adaptable kit which can be used for a variety of periods in historical and sci-fi/fantasy universes. You can check the whole bundle out in greater detail on the Tabletop World webstore.

What is your current tabletop design? Would you add a graveyard set-up? Tell us your terrain ideas below!

"An adaptable kit which can be used for a variety of periods!"

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