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Unboxing: Greater Good Traitor | Wargame Exclusive

1 week ago 0

If you're looking to defy The Greater Good then how about the Greater Good Traitor from Wargame Exclusive as a fun alternative miniature to lead your T'au army in Warhammer 40,000?

Unboxing: Ork Looted Dread Boss | Wargame Exclusive


We get a closer look at the Looted Dread Boss from Wargame Exclusive. It might be the perfect 28mm Sci-Fi leader for you to use when making a new Ork army in games like Warhammer 40,000.

Unboxing: Vader Librarian | Wargame Exclusive


Gerry unboxes another of the 28mm Sci-Fi miniatures from Wargame Exclusive. This time, we're looking at another crossover between Star Wars and Warhammer 40,000 with the Vader Librarian. 

Unboxing: Imperial Raven Commander | Wargame Exclusive


Gerry has a look at another awesome alternative miniature for use with your grimdark armies of the far future. This time, it's the Imperial Raven Commander from Wargame Exclusive who would be great as an alternative to Emo Toby Maguire-Commander Shrike!

Unboxing: Imperial Chaplin | Wargame Exclusive


Gerry has a look at another awesome alternative miniature for use with your grimdark armies of the far future. This time, it's the Imperial Chaplain from Wargame Exclusive who would be great as one of the Angels Of Death!

Wargame Exclusive & ArmyGainer Head To A Tomb World


The folks at Wargame Exclusive have teamed up with ArmyGainer to release a neat set of plastic bases that could be used for your 28mm Sci-Fi armies. This first set is based around a Tomb World and so would be good for Necron armies. 

Play As A Greater Good Traitor With Wargame Exclusive


Wargame Exclusive has a new miniature for their Greater Good collection. Their newest 28/32mm character however is a little bit of a traitor to the cause. See what you make of their Greater Good Traitor miniature. 

Wargame Exclusive Unleash New Grimdark Templar Brothers


Wargame Exclusive has shown off five new options for those looking to expand their collection of Templar Brothers for use in their grimdark wargames. Each miniature comes with different weapon options allowing you to make a varied unit.

Armoury Servitors Bow Before Their Wargame Exclusive Masters


Wargame Exclusive has put together a selection of brand new Sci-Fi releases for those wanting to pick up some unique grimdark offerings for use in their armies. Leading the way we have a big ol' Space Knight in the form of the Imperial Iron Brother.

Smash Ya Foes Wiv A Big Orky Squeeg From Wargame Exclusive


If you want a neat alternative miniature to lead your boyz into battle then have a peek at this new Sci-Fi Ork from Wargame Exclusive. Here we have the Ork Boss With Squeeghammer who looks far too happy with his job. 

Unboxing: Iron Commissar & Alternative Head Options | Wargame Exclusive

2 years ago 3

We get stuck into another unboxing from Wargame Exclusive. This time around we're looking at the Iron Commissar miniature and some alternative head options for your other Commissars.

Unboxing: Imperial Prowler & Mechanic Adept Cepo | Wargame Exclusive


Two familiar-looking droids are up for unboxing as we look at the 32mm Imperial Prowler & Mechanic Adept Cepo from Wargame Exclusive for your grimdark Sci-Fi wargames.

Unboxing: Vindilorian Assassin & Snot In Pram | Wargame Exclusive


A fun Sci-Fi miniature unboxing today as we take a look at the Vindilorian Assassin and Snot In Pram from Wargame Exclusive. 

Unboxing: NecroCyborg General Grivus | Wargame Exclusive


We unboxing the rather impressive NecroCyborg General Grivus which is a bit of a cool Sci-Fi and Grimdark mash-up from Wargame Exclusive.

Descend On Your Foes With New Imperial Raven Commander


Wargame Exclusive have a new Imperial addition to their miniatures collection. The new Raven Commander is ready to strike from on high and carve up foes with flashing claws.

Steel & Faith Guide Wargame Exclusive’s New Champions


Wargame Exclusive has added two new Imperial options to their webstore for those looking for new and alternative leaders. The first of these is for their Space Warriors with a new Sci-Fi Imperial Templar Champion stepping into the ring.

Lead A Crusade With Wargame Exclusive’s New Marshal


Wargame Exclusive has a new miniature in the mix for those playing as Space Warriors in your favourite grimdark Sci-Fi setting. This time around, they are leading a Crusade with the addition of the Imperial Templar Marshal.

Grimdark Preachers & Bookkeepers; New For Wargame Exclusive


Wargame Exclusive has a couple of excellent new grimdark releases for those looking to build on the dark future of worlds like Warhammer 40,000.

Wargame Exclusive Release Their Space Elves Phoenix Figure


Wargame Exclusive has released another new Space Elves miniature for those wanting to take an alternative path into the grimdark future.

Wargame Exclusive’s Greater Good Cyberbike Hits The Road


Wargame Exclusive has added a new Sci-Fi miniature to their Greater Good range which would probably work nicely as a display piece to show off alongside your army of aliens.

Unboxing: Deep Noise Disseminator | Wargame Exclusive


We are unboxing another wargaming miniature from Wargame Exclusive today as Gerry has a look at the Deep Noise Disseminator for use in your grimdark Sci-Fi games.

Unboxing: Ork Big Warboss Boombasta | Wargame Exclusive


Today we're looking at the Big Warboss Boombasta from Wargame Exclusive, another perfect leader for your Orc army?

Prowler Assassins & Calm Monks Released By Wargame Exclusive


Wargame Exclusive has released two new wargaming miniatures for use in your alternative Sci-Fi armies from the grimdark future.

Unboxing – Hive Bringer | Wargame Exclusive


We're unboxing something alternative and chaotic from the Wargame Exclusive range today. Meet the mighty Hive Bringer and bow before his reaping scythe.

Wargame Exclusive Pump Up Their New Ork Recon Grot


Wargame Exclusive has been showing off a funky new sculpt for their expanding Ork range.

Unboxing – Ork Big Warboss Skybasta | Wargame Exclusive

4 years ago 2

A Big Warboss Skybasta has landed at OnTableTop HQ for an unboxing today and it is super detailed!

He Protec But He Also Attac; Wargame Exclusive’s New Assassin!


Hopefully, you'll have forgiven me for that rather meme-tastic title by the time you've seen the new miniature Wargame Exclusive has been working on. Here we have the Imperial Vindilorian Assassin which you can drop into your Sci-Fi games. 

Weekender: Steam Watchers! Mythic’s New Game & WIN Big Bad Ork Boyz


We've met up with Mythic Games to talk about their new Kickstarter, Steam Watchers PLUS we're also delving into some ace news from the week too. Oh, and you could win some awesome looking Orks!

Unboxing – Chaos Corsair Lord | Wargame Exclusive


In this unboxing, Gerry looks to see if this is a worthy addition to a Chaos army for Warhammer 40K.

Unboxing: Mechanic Maintenance Servitors


Do you know what your game of Warhammer 40K has always been missing? Window cleaners!

Unboxing: Chaos Noise Maker


Gerry is back again to look at some Wargame Exclusive miniatures that provide an alternative to famous sci-fi wargames. 

Unboxing: Imperial Blood Smash Captain


Gerry gets a look at the imaginatively named Imperial Blood Smash Captain from Wargame Exclusive.

Maybe Don’t Save Wargame Exclusive’s Ork Snot In Pram…


Wargame Exclusive have got on the bandwagon with the rather fun looking Ork Snot In Pram who may or may not be familiar to some folks.

A Chaos Corsair Lord Takes Command From Wargame Exclusive


Wargame Exclusive has been showing off a new character for those looking to include an alternative Lord in your Chaos armies. See what you make of the Corsair Lord.

Augment Your Army With Tech Priest Domina Melius


Augment your body and control your army with mechanical forethought as Tech Priest Domina Melius arrives soon from the folks at Wargame Exclusive.

Rock Out With Wargame Exclusive’s Chaos Noise Maker


Wargame Exclusive has been showing off a new addition to their Chaos force, the Noise Maker.

Wargames Exclusive Pilot Chaos Knights In A New Direction


Wargames Exclusive have released a new selection of Pilots, ready to direct the mighty war machines of your Chaos Knights.

Wargame Exclusive Let Loose Two Imperial Assassins


Wargame Exclusive has shared two new miniatures for those looking to add alternative assassins into the games set amongst the ruins of the grimdark future.

Wargame Exclusive Release New Battlesuit Brawler


Wargame Exclusive have released images of their latest miniature, and it is 100%, definitely, completely not-a-Tau.

Wargame Exclusives Announce New Winterfresh Releases


Wargame Exclusives have announced two new additions to their range of miniatures. 

Wargame Exclusive Working On Stealthy Alien Operatives


Wargame Exclusive are working away on some new models for their Greater Good range. 

New Dominator & Greater Good Heroes From Wargame Exclusive


A new range of figures has been added into the mix by Wargame Exclusive for their Imperial, Greater Good and Heresy Hunter range.

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