Prowler Assassins & Calm Monks Released By Wargame Exclusive

June 4, 2020 by brennon

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Wargame Exclusive has released two new wargaming miniatures for use in your alternative Sci-Fi armies from the grimdark future. We start with a dome-helmeted Imperial Prowler Assassin who again looks to bring together two different Sci-Fi realms.

Imperial Prowler Assassin #1 - Wargame Exclusive.jpg

Imperial Prowler Assassin (Front)

This Prowler Assassin has been themed to fit your Imperial forces in the grimdark future but could very easily also be a droid bounty hunter from a certain world which is far, far away too. There are some telltale elements to the miniature which tie it into the grimdark aesthetic but you could easily see him being used in a different world too with a bit of tinkering.

Imperial Prowler Assassin #2 - Wargame Exclusive

Imperial Prowler Assassin (Rear)

You could see this fellow being just as dangerous with that spade on his back as he is with the rifle. This is certainly a killer who can be very self-sufficient and work behind enemy lines. I could maybe see this fellow being dropped into something Adeptus Mechanicus based too, or a hired gun in something Kill Team/Necromunda based.

For The Greater Good

As well as the killer above, we've got someone more centred with the Greater Good Monk.

Greater Good Monk #1 - Wargame Exclusive.jpg

Greater Good Monk (Without Helmet)

I like that this character shows off a different side to this alien race. You've normally got these characters armed to the teeth with rifles and such but I do like the idea that some of these heroes can also be damn good when they need to slice and dice in combat.

Greater Good Monk #2 - Wargame Exclusive

Greater Good Monk (With Helmet)

I think that I prefer the version of the Monk without the helmet as I like seeing the face of main characters but I do think the helmeted version does give you a rather cool take on a character who might never remove his helmet, a silent and mysterious killer.

What do you think of these two new characters?

"I could maybe see this fellow being dropped into something Adeptus Mechanicus based..."

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