Weekender: Steam Watchers! Mythic’s New Game & WIN Big Bad Ork Boyz

February 28, 2020 by crew

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We dive into The Weekender and this time we've got some guests in the studio. Mythic Games are with us ready to talk about their next Kickstarter, Steam Watchers.

Weekender: Steam Watchers! Mythic's New Game & WIN Big Bad Ork Boyz

Make sure to dive in and follow along in the comments, letting us know what you think of everything we've talked about today.

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Stormsunder: Heirs Of Ruin - 1:12

We have been putting out an array of videos this week on Stormsunder: Heirs Of Ruin which is on Kickstarter right now from Lazy Squire Games. We have looked at the background for the game, its mechanics and also some Let's Play content too.

Check Out The Kickstarter Here

Make sure to dive in and follow along with all of the interesting things that this game brings to the table. It's certainly got a lot of depth to it!

Indie Of The Week - 6:25

For this week, Ben has been inspired by his love of Warhammer and the Old World and shows off the multitude of options available from MOMminiaturas.

It is well worth diving into their range of options for DwarvesElvesWizardsOrcsTerrain and more. If you're looking for some epic Oldhammer looking figures then this is a webstore to explore.

Gerry Can! - 23:15

We run an awesome Cult Of Games series called Gerry Can where he shows off loads of techniques that will help you when hobbying.

This week we're letting you folks watch an episode where we explore the ways to build Blue Stuff Press Moulds. Make sure to give it a watch and consider joining the Cult Of Games.

News - 28:41

Make sure to drop your thoughts into the comments below on the news from this week...

  • The High Republic - Are you tempted to snag these new Star Wars books, comics and more?
  • Wolfenstein - Time to hit the tabletop and kill Nazis with this new Archon Kickstarter?
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy - Do you fancy bringing these cool heroes to the tabletop for Crisis Protocol?

So, what do you like from our little selection of news options that we picked out for you?

Mythic Games - Steam Watchers - 48:20

We are sitting down with the team from Mythic Games to go through their Kickstarter for Steam Watchers, exploring the background to the game and what you need to know before the campaign launches.

Make sure to keep an eye out for their campaign which will be going live very soon as well as loads of cool videos.

Kickstarter - 1:44:27

We have two smaller Kickstarter projects for you this week...

  • The Alamo - Pick up either a small part of the whole Alamo for your gaming table
  • Dungeons & Designs - An array of amazing dungeons and adventures await from Cæsar Ink

Which of these two campaigns would you consider backing?

3D Printing - 1:52:47

We have no giveaway for this week but we do have two links to STL Files you can download...

Gorr The Barbarian

Necrossia Pillar Tomb

...make sure to give them a download and then perhaps show off how they came out on your home printers!

Comment To Win - Wargames Exclusive Orky Bosses - 2:12:12

This week you can Comment To Win TWO Ork Bosses which you can use in your grimdark games. You are able to win the Ork Skybasta Boss & Ork Boombasta Big Warboss which would be great ahead of the new Psychic Awakening release.

Make sure to drop some comments below and tell us your thoughts about the content we've covered in the show today. There is plenty to dive into!

Have a great weekend!

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