More Heroes & Villains For Conan And Expansion Planned!

January 21, 2015 by brennon

Monolith have added some more stretch goals to the Kickstarter campaign for Conan that is very, very close to hitting that $1 million mark. See what you think of the additional stretch goals and the add-on expansion!

Akivasha 850k

Sarcophagus 900k

Kerim Shah 950k

Another leader has been unlocked to go up against in Akivasha. This everliving vampiric leader for the Overlord player will be making sure that she takes controls of your own minions as well as her own. Never trust a Stygian!

On the side of the heroes you have the princely Kerim Shah from Iranistan who looks like he's quite the deadly shot AND a dab hand in combat as well. The artwork for him is great.

Khitai Expansion

As well as the stretch goals there's the upcoming expansion that we showed off on The Weekender last week. The Khitai Tower gives you a whole new scenario to play and some awesome enemies to fight including a deadly Sorcerer. Flames are raining down on Conan and friends as you try and escape this inferno!


Honour Guard Minion

Foo Dog Minion

Above are some of the enemies that you'll be facing off against including the Sorcerer that we mentioned before. He certainly looks like an eerie individual and it's no surprise Conan hates those dastardly magic users! I want to see how powerful these Foo Dogs are going to be too!

Tower #1

Tower #2

The boards, once again, look like an awesome place to fight in too. The amount of detail that pops up in these tiles is amazing and they ooze with character. Effectively Monolith really are pulling out all the stops to make this the best looking Conan game out there.

Don't forget to check out the more condensed rules video above as well which shows off the exact mechanics of the game. Simple but very free flowing giving you loads of options.

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