TURN 8: Confrontation, Video Games & Exclusive Minis

July 15, 2011 by beerogre

Well my friends this was the first TURN * without Warren... was it good... bad... indifferent... or do you just miss the big man as much as we do?

Tonight's show had terrain (both Dave Graffam's awesome paper minis and Micro Art Studio's sensational foam radar station), Confrontation, Dark Age and the brand new Dwarf Kings Hold: Green Menace!Turn 8

We discussed whether exclusive miniatures at conventions are fair play or foul (check out the exclusive MERCS and Malifaux minis)... and if tabletop and video games can ever get along together.

If you enjoyed it, drop a comment below... if you didn't... well then why I oughta!

Until next time guys.

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