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TerrainCrafter 28mm Silicone Floor Terrain Molds

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Get your own silicone mold and cast unlimited ground terrain! Pour your own grass, desert, water and other terrain with these molds.

We are pleased to offer high quality silicone molds to cast floor and ground terrain for your tabletop roleplaying and miniature campaigns. The molds come in two forms: Square and Hexagonal. The square tiles are 1" square and the hexagonal tiles are 1.5" inscribed radius.

We have been casting for decades and have developed our moldmaking skills. By doing this we have adopted a "speed mold" concept where we eliminate redundant and time-sapping glue ups by making molds that cast a variety of clustered shapes. Need a 3x3 room? Just pour the 3x3 ready made mold!

TerrainCrafter 28mm Silicone Floor Terrain Molds - Kicktraq Mini

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