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The Blood Plague: D&D5E Dark Fantasy Adventure

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The Blood Plague is a Dark Fantasy Adventure Module for Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition for Levels 3-5 which focuses on a deadly plague. The Blood Plague has struck the world of Penumbra and left it's people reeling in horror at it's ferocity.

What is it?
A dark fantasy adventure fraught with perils - The Blood Plague, warring knights & far worse...
The story revolves around finding a safe refuge in the Blood Plague at Arckenbury Cathedral, but getting there won't be easy.
A medieval Realm known as Penumbra with a distinctly dark and unique flavour. This includes brutal history & warring factions of Penumbra.
Gorgeous artwork of the Characters & World of Penumbra, as featured on the Podcast, Turncloaks.

The Blood Plague: D&D5E Dark Fantasy Adventure - Kicktraq Mini

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