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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

Blogging At This Event:

Mouse Adventure by Cartoon Miniatures

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Welcome to Mouse Adventure, a new set of figures by Cartoon Miniatures. This is our second company in Kickstarter, the first one, Ancient Warriors, was very successful. The set was designed by a team of professionals keen to go all the way from creative brainstorming to delivering quality and memorable products.

Now we present you the Mouse Adventure collection. The miniatures were conceived to appeal to collectors and board game fans alike. Join the adventure and get the figures by pledging on Kickstarter.

Every model is: cast from resin, highly detailed, unpainted, available as a limited run, made in the most common 28 mm scale.

Mouse Adventure by Cartoon Miniatures - Kicktraq Mini

Dice Tower of Power - Simple Cardboard Dice Rolling Solution

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A simple cardboard dice tower solution for a simple problem.

Like you, we play a lot of board games. Anyone who plays board games knows that rolling dice is a pain in the ass. You lose them under furniture. You ruin your board games by knocking over all your pieces.

A common solution is to get a dice tower but dice towers aren't cheap. They can range from $30 to $200. But... if all its meant to do is roll dice why is it so expensive?

That's why we created the Dice Tower of Power. It's a simple solution to a very simple problem.

Dice Tower of Power - Simple Cardboard Dice Rolling Solution - Kicktraq Mini

Tavern-Born™: Raghaven Hamlet - 3D Printable 28mm Terrain

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Start off your adventure as a true Tavern-born by raising your tankard in 28mm scaled 3D Printable Tavern!

Tavern-Born™: Raghaven Hamlet - 3D Printable 28mm Terrain - Kicktraq Mini

MagRelief: Magnetic Receptive 3D Skin for Gamers

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MagRelief is a brand new magnet receptive flexible material that has a 3D texture. Allowing you to apply magnets to your models.

MagRelief is a great new material Happy Seppuku came up with to help gamers and model builders add modular elements to their projects. MagRelief is a light duty flexible cloth like material that that is MAGNETIC RECEPTIVE, meaning while not a magnet itself you can stick magnets to the surface. We also textured it using patterns from our stamp line to give MagRelief sheets a realistic surface, so even if you do not take advantage of its magnetic qualities you can still use it to quickly surface your terrain pieces.

After you have applied MagRelief your buildings, dungeon walls, or even bases you can add magnets to the backs of your doors, windows, damage markers. No longer do your pieces need to remain static, you can change them around completely from game to game. Secret doors CAN ACTUALLY BE SECRET since you can just pop the door anywhere along the wall there is no hint to your players that they should keep searching the room for a door.

MagRelief: Magnetic Receptive 3D Skin for Gamers - Kicktraq Mini

Monsters and Kids

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A dark pretentious strategy card game where you can pretend to save kids from monsters (sometimes).

Monsters and Kids is a 2-4 player card game for everyone who loves the bizarre, weird, darkness and more bizarre. (Because you can never have enough of bizarre.)

If you are not afraid of monsters, U.F.O.s or anything supernatural, the kids could really use your help. Save them from disasters and look out for enemies while constantly making sure you have enough cards to survive another turn.

So, in conclusion, Monsters and Kids is a turn by turn strategic card game created by two architects. The strategies range from developing cute illustrations, attractive intro videos, nursery rhymes, dark themes, self-referential humor to deadly aggressive attacks for pulling in maximum people.

Monsters and Kids - Kicktraq Mini

The Blood Plague: D&D5E Dark Fantasy Adventure

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The Blood Plague is a Dark Fantasy Adventure Module for Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition for Levels 3-5 which focuses on a deadly plague. The Blood Plague has struck the world of Penumbra and left it's people reeling in horror at it's ferocity.

What is it?
A dark fantasy adventure fraught with perils - The Blood Plague, warring knights & far worse...
The story revolves around finding a safe refuge in the Blood Plague at Arckenbury Cathedral, but getting there won't be easy.
A medieval Realm known as Penumbra with a distinctly dark and unique flavour. This includes brutal history & warring factions of Penumbra.
Gorgeous artwork of the Characters & World of Penumbra, as featured on the Podcast, Turncloaks.

The Blood Plague: D&D5E Dark Fantasy Adventure - Kicktraq Mini

The Bottled Imp Game

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The Bottled Imp Game is a 20-minute competitive fantasy deduction card game for 2 to 6 players. Outwit your friends to catch the imp!

Deep in Clagfoot swamp, the foulest bog in all of Edra, there is a myth that tells of a curious bottle with the power to grant one’s heart’s desire. For trapped inside the bottle is a mischievous imp known as Grocklesnook. Just how he obtained his power and how he became trapped, has been lost in the mire of the swamp.

Many have travelled far and wide to claim the bottle. Over ford, hill, and grove; through forest, field, and desert; arcane alkymystics, celestial clerics, daylight druids, spirit shamans, wretched warlocks, ward wizards, and white witches all seek the bottled imp and crave its ultimate power.

The Bottled Imp Game - Kicktraq Mini

Dice Wars: Co-op Tactics Board Game with 28 Jumbo Unit Dice

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Dice Wars is a 2-4 player tactics battleground with infinite replay value. Roll armies, shuffle the map, add new rules, play forever.

In this fantasy tactics game of war, players expertly maneuver randomly-generated armies across an ever-changing hex-grid battlefield to outwit, outplay, and outlast their opponents. Roll your units, discover synergies on the fly, then deploy merciless combos to command your forces to victory!

The Warriors: 28 jumbo polyhedral dice, a hefty 25mm in size.
The Battlefield: 9 modular hex-grid tiles that can be shifted, rotated, even flipped upside down.
The Modes: Duke it out in a battle royale free-for-all, forge and break temporary alliances, or engage in permanent 2v2 and 1v3 coalitions.

Dice Wars: Co-op Tactics Board Game with 28 Jumbo Unit Dice - Kicktraq Mini

Possession, a Daemonic Card Game

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A dark fantasy card game: players are daemons fighting each other over the mortal denizens of the town of Ninebridges.

You are a daemon fighting for dominance over your fellow daemons. You have set your sights on the city of Ninebridges and are vying to possess its denizens in order to wage war against other daemons and the remaining free-willed inhabitants.

Possession, a Daemonic Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

Wellington in India 1796-1805 - 28mm Artillery

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Please support this project for a 28mm Metal Maratha Cannon and British 6lb Cannon, both guns come with Crew

This project will enable me to design produce and then manufacture a 28mm Metal Maratha Cannon an a British 6lb Cannon and 8 x crew figures for each gun. I am asking for your support, which will enable me to design and produce the following Cannons and Crew. If the pledge is reached I will open up Stretch goals.

Wellington in India 1796-1805 - 28mm Artillery - Kicktraq Mini
Wellington in India 1796-1805 - 28mm Artillery

S.T.A.R. Troopers 3

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"This is Ben from RBJ Game Company along with my brother Jeff and my sister Ronda, we are reaching out to the miniatures gaming community to support our S.T.A.R. Troopers 3 project.

This time around we have enlisted the very talented Kevin Contos to bring you more drones along with veteran Bobby Jackson to provide you with more Remote Operators.

Fortress Figures is again producing our figures so you know the quality will be top notch."

S.T.A.R. Troopers 3 - Kicktraq Mini

Elder-Forge Tier 1

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A collection of four resin kits by Elder-Forge, A limited edition of sculptures in different scales to assemble and paint!

"Hello! this is my third campaign here on Kickstarter...years ago I would never have believed that I could do this...but...I'm here, proud to present you my personal collection of sculptures created in the last three years. They are part of me, they are the sculpture that more represent my brand, Elder-Forge."

Elder-Forge Tier 1 - Kicktraq Mini
Elder-Forge Tier 1

Those Dam Goblins!

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A Labyrinth Lord, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, BECMI, & B/X, compatible - tabletop role-playing game adventure by Fail Squad Games.

A Labyrinth Lord, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, BECMI, & B/X, compatible - tabletop role-playing game adventure by Fail Squad Games

Those Dam Goblins! - Kicktraq Mini

WarLayer 3D Printable Terrain: Orbital Drop

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A new collection of Sci-Fi Wargaming terrain designed specifically for 3D printing. Easy prints with no support material required.

The Warlayer system is based off a 3d modular grid where all models can stack and combine without glue to create amazingly complex and interesting environments. It’s basically Sci-Fi lego for your tabletop.

Why WarLayer?

Guaranteed Printability.
All models print without the need for support material and are optimized for FDM based printers.

Modular Design.
3D grid system is used so the more you build the more you can stack, combine and customize your table to construct a one of a kind gaming experience.

Hundreds vs. Thousands.
As many folks know filling a whole table with terrain can be really expensive. With a several hundred dollar printer anyone can fill a table with enough print time, material and patience.

WarLayer 3D Printable Terrain: Orbital Drop - Kicktraq Mini

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