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The Bottled Imp Game

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The Bottled Imp Game is a 20-minute competitive fantasy deduction card game for 2 to 6 players. Outwit your friends to catch the imp!

Deep in Clagfoot swamp, the foulest bog in all of Edra, there is a myth that tells of a curious bottle with the power to grant one’s heart’s desire. For trapped inside the bottle is a mischievous imp known as Grocklesnook. Just how he obtained his power and how he became trapped, has been lost in the mire of the swamp.

Many have travelled far and wide to claim the bottle. Over ford, hill, and grove; through forest, field, and desert; arcane alkymystics, celestial clerics, daylight druids, spirit shamans, wretched warlocks, ward wizards, and white witches all seek the bottled imp and crave its ultimate power.

The Bottled Imp Game - Kicktraq Mini

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