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This Week On Kickstarter

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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

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CharacTable: RPG Board For Character Sheet Dice, Notes & Tablet

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Play RPG games on the couch, in the car or anywhere you like. Play at the games table without anyone stealing your dice or pencil.

CharacTable: RPG Board For Character Sheet Dice, Notes & Tablet - Kicktraq Mini

Redshirts, Vol. 2: A Starfinder Comedy A.P. For levels 4-6

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Redshirts: Adventures in Absurdity Vol. 2 is a Starfinder adventure path guaranteed to make you laugh so hard you'll pee your spacesuit.

Redshirts, Vol. 2: A Starfinder Comedy A.P. For levels 4-6 - Kicktraq Mini


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Warpgate is a fast-paced 2-4 player board game of hand management and area control. Move your fleets of star-ships on a hex-based modular game board, establish colonies and outposts and engage your enemies in battles for the control of prized commodities. Research new technologies and grow your galactic empire.

Warpgate - Kicktraq Mini

28mm Unarmoured Marine Squads

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Custom sculpted 28mm resin models representing sci-fi Unarmoured Marines for use with tabletop gaming.

28mm Unarmoured Marine Squads - Kicktraq Mini

Dungeon Delve #1: Tower of the Black Sorcerers

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Fantasy role-playing module for 1st or 2nd Ed AD&D, BECMI D&D, OSRIC, DCC, Pathfinder, Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, or other OSR.

Dungeon Delve #1: Tower of the Black Sorcerers - Kicktraq Mini

Warriors of Jogu: Feint

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Warriors of Jogu: Feint is a two-player card game of bluffing and deduction. Each of the five factions in the core set has a distinct and characteristic playstyle, bending elements of bluffing and timing to its favor in unique ways.

Warriors of Jogu: Feint - Kicktraq Mini

PEKING BLINDERS! Pulp & Old West Gangsters...The Tong!

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Welcome to the latest Kickstarter campaign from Blind Beggar Miniatures.

Under The Boardwalk is the name of a series of releases which will concentrate on the Pulp era, the years between the two World Wars, also often referred to as the 'Interwar Period'.

These figures will also work in other periods, particularly in The Back of Beyond, and in the Old West and Gothic Horror if you do not use the Tommy Gun armed figures.

Two, or even three genres/periods for the price of one!

PEKING BLINDERS! Pulp & Old West Gangsters...The Tong! - Kicktraq Mini
PEKING BLINDERS! Pulp & Old West Gangsters...The Tong!

Monster Highway

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Monster Highway is a board game where 2-4 players are building roadways using tiles to get to your Home Base.

Be the first to build your roadway and drive your car from ground zero to your home base to win the game. Beware of the monster and of your opponents. No one is safe on Monster Highway!

Monster Highway - Kicktraq Mini

Street Rod - Build & Race Your Own Hot Rod

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This is how the famous retro video game begins. Now we offer you the same experience on your table and together with friends: race the Aqueduct Track, earn some cash, upgrade your car into a hot rodding speed machine and win! For 1-5 players. Comes with a free online app.

Street Rod - Build & Race Your Own Hot Rod - Kicktraq Mini

America Falling

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America Falling is a two-player board-game about the end of America. It's a cathartic exploration of paper warfare designed with the intent of entertaining ourselves in a macabre sort of fashion while simultaneously providing a means for some introspection about what such a fight truly means.

America Falling - Kicktraq Mini

Unicorns & Zombies

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Unicorns & Zombies is a turn-based card game for 2-4 players which pits — you guessed it —unicorns against zombies.

Unicorns & Zombies - Kicktraq Mini

Normandy: The Beginning Of The End

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Normandy, the Beginning of the End is a tactical war game and the fourth installment of the renowned saga War Storm Series (WSS) in which players lead their troops through scenarios that take place on the Western Front from the early days of the D-Day landings until August 1944.

Normandy: The Beginning Of The End - Kicktraq Mini

Home On Lagrange

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Home on Lagrange is a strategic card game set in the outer reaches of space. As Admirals, players compete with one another to construct fully functional space stations, built from an assortment of modules, which are yours to fill with a wide array of inhabitants, technologies, and other unknown curiosities.

Will your station be a bastion of education, where technological advancement is strived for daily, or a recreational stronghold, where the late night get down reigns supreme? It’s up to you to choose your own space adventure!

Home On Lagrange - Kicktraq Mini

Seize the Bean - A Light-Hearted Deck Builder About Berlin!

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You are a seasoned barista, skilled in the craft of coffee. You've had it with your day-job and set out to open your own café in the beautiful, diverse and thriving city of Berlin. Competing against other up-and-coming cafés, you set out to be the best, no matter the cost!

In Seize the Bean, players compete to get the most good reviews by the end of the game. They do so by successfully serving customers in their line. Each turn will provide them limited actions which they can use to attract certain types of customers, gain resources, or even boost their actions for more effective results. By looking for opportunities in the ever-changing city, the players can take the right products and upgrades and build up their shop and clientele to victory.

Seize the Bean - A Light-Hearted Deck Builder About Berlin! - Kicktraq Mini


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The quick, fun card game in which you try to be the first to get rid of all your cards by collecting, and playing, same color groups of cute, quirky characters!. To learn how to play the game in about a minute, just watch the above video!

Cliques - Kicktraq Mini

Savage Orcs Team For Fantasy Football - Punga Miniatures

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We are glad to brings you a complete Savage Orcs Team. All the players you need, with high detail, and original designs made in resin!

Savage Orcs Team For Fantasy Football - Punga Miniatures - Kicktraq Mini
Savage Orcs Team For Fantasy Football - Punga Miniatures

Deck Of Magical Mystery: 5e Compatible

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A complete 54 card deck of Unique Random Magic Item Cards for D&D 5E (or other fantasy RPG's) for apprentice-level characters tier 1-4.

Deck Of Magical Mystery: 5e Compatible - Kicktraq Mini


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Based on the "Chronicles of HATE" graphic novel by acclaimed artist Adrian Smith, HATE is a board game of brutal combat and conquest in a desolate world of savage warriors.

Created by the same design team who brought you the Zombicide series, under the supervision of Eric Lang, HATE combines the gruesome artwork of Adrian Smith with exquisitely sculpted miniatures to immerse you in a universe of cruel survival by any means.

HATE - Kicktraq Mini

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Why you no Hate? Although after reading the campaign page, I’m less interested in the game. I want the minis, but a mini only pledge is not currently available.


Yeah, I wish EVERY Kickstarter would offer a minis-only pledge. There’s been many a Kickstarter I’ve passed on just because I didn’t feel it was worth it to pay for all that unwanted game tokens crap.

Cult of Games Member

Come on guys, you’ve got to share this one:

You can’t tell me no one here would be interested in some awesome ‘not-Squats’ from the Rogue Trader era…

Another small company (or individual?) too.


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