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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

Trudvang Chronicles Edizione Italiana

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Trudvang Chronicles è un pluripremiato gioco di ruolo fantasy basato su miti e leggende norreni e celtici, e sulle saghe degli immortali eroi delle innevate e fredde terre del nord.

Entrate anche voi in questo nuovo mondo immerso tra foreste incantate, troll, brughiere desolate, draghi, spiriti della natura e giganti. Lasciate che i bardi raccontino le storie dei vostri eroi, che consacrino le loro gesta ai piedi dei monti sacri e le affidino alla brezza gelida del vento del nord affinché le accompagni fino agli antichi dei.

Trudvang Chronicles Edizione Italiana - Kicktraq Mini

NewSpeak - A Game of Code-Breaking in a Dystopian Future

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NewSpeak is a game of code-breaking and subterfuge, set in a bleak near future for three to six players.

In the not-too-distant future, Britain is a high-tech paradise. The world seems perfect, thanks to the security app ‘ModNet,’ which identifies undesirable locations and Moderates them. Moderated Locations appear idyllic by manipulating the augmented reality eyeware virtually everyone now wears.

A small group of Dissidents seeks to challenge ModNet’s hold on society. Attempting to evade Moderators’ notice, they swap coded messages, planning to hack into location display settings and reveal the world for what it is.

NewSpeak - A Game of Code-Breaking in a Dystopian Future - Kicktraq Mini

The Hidden Halls of Hazakor

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An RPG adventure for beginning Dungeon Masters and 1st-level characters — Written for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons.

The Hidden Halls of Hazakor is a fully illustrated, 64+ page starter adventure for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons — and written with a special focus on young, beginning Dungeon Masters.

The Hidden Halls of Hazakor - Kicktraq Mini
The Hidden Halls of Hazakor

The Folio #18 & #19 - 1E & 5E Adventures

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I began this great adventure with a forbidden island, something I always loved as a kid, and then moved to the orient where I could face samurai and ninja, always a favorite diversion for my European locked campaigns, and finally I set sail for the depths of a mist-shrouded archipelago to uncover the secrets of a fabled ship.

The White Ship Campaign has been able to touch on so many things I’ve enjoyed over the years as a gamer, and each section provides great leads into each other, or can act beautifully as standalone duologies, as is the case with these final two Folios in the set.

The Folio #18 & #19  - 1E & 5E Adventures - Kicktraq Mini

On the Shoulders of Heroes - Reborn

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Greetings explorer, welcome to our domain! The On the Shoulder of Heroes campaign setting is designed for use with world's most popular roleplaying game.

It is inspired by old school roleplaying games, traditional fantasy, Germanic and Japanese mythology. It is based on the idea that the world was built by the deeds of great people – both good and evil.

On the Shoulders of Heroes - Reborn - Kicktraq Mini

Elven Lords Revisited: 100 Solo Adventures

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Back in 1990, writer Michael Stackpole and artist Liz Danforth put together a solo adventure book for the Tunnels & Trolls™ fantasy role-playing game, published by Flying Buffalo Inc. Called Elven Lords, the book brought players back to the city of Gull, popularly known as “the City of Terrors.” Facing cutthroat thieves, barbarians, smugglers and pirates, or the horrors infesting the elven tombs to the north, the solitary hero found all the adventure they could handle!

The solitaire game booklet came out as a signed limited edition of 1000 copies, never to be republished. That version of Elven Lords has been out of print for many years now, a prized and difficult-to-obtain item sought by collectors.

Elven Lords Revisited: 100 Solo Adventures - Kicktraq Mini

Dead Men Tell No Tales: Board Game Expansion + Miniatures

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The long-awaited expansion to The Dice Tower's #1 Thematic game and #9 Coop-op game, Dead Men Tell No Tales.

When playing with The Kraken, the gameplay remains the same as Dead Men Tell No Tales, with the following exceptions: A new threat has emerged from the sea! In order to win the game, in addition to getting the treasure and your pirates off the ship, you must ALSO kill the Kraken. If the Kraken destroys the ship or pulls it underwater, you lose the game.

Dead Men Tell No Tales: Board Game Expansion + Miniatures - Kicktraq Mini

UBOOT - The Board Game

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UBOOT The Board Game is a real-time tabletop game of WW2 submarine warfare. An underwater cooperative war thriller that allows 1 to 4 players to assume the roles of the Captain, the First Officer, the Navigator, and the Chief Engineer on board of a type VIIC U-boat.

The game is enhanced by a companion app, allowing for an unprecedented level of realism, as well as a challenging enemy A.I. which will push your skills to the limit. The action unfolds both on the strategic and the tactical scale, always demanding teamwork, efficient crew management, and quick situation assessment.

UBOOT - The Board Game - Kicktraq Mini


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After having released a PDF file of the Art of Tokaido to the backers of the first Tokaido Collector's edition campaign, we received so many demands for a physical edition of the book that we decided to create this campaign to help this project to come to life.

Tokaido is a very special title for us as it is for a lot of gamers all around and so we decided to honor it as well as the stellar work of it's artist Naïade and it's Art director Philippe Nouhra through this KS-exclusive hard cover edition* of the book.

THE ART OF TOKAIDO - Kicktraq Mini

Ian Brody's SHAEF

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SHAEF is a two-player, card-driven World War II strategy game covering the period from June 1944 to March 1945. This covers the war in Western Europe from D-Day to the Allied advance over the River Rhine.

The game box includes the rulebook, the game board, 2 ten-sided dice, 360 cards (illustrated with historically-themed photographs), 2 player mats, 2 player aid cards, die-cut counter sheets, and plastic stands for the on-board armies.

Ian Brody's SHAEF - Kicktraq Mini

Cthulhu Soundscapes: Sounds of Madness Vol One & Two

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Over 16 Hours of Cthulhu and horror soundscapes to immerse yourselves in during roleplaying, boardgames and LARP.

Cthulhu Soundscapes: Sounds of Madness Vol One & Two - Kicktraq Mini

Tabletop Mini Cars Mini Kickstarter! 15mm & 20mm

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Kore have already had 2 Successful Kickstarters, the first - for the LARC 32mm Flyer Model was delivered over a month early, and the 2nd - for 32mm Tabletop Cars fully funded and is on track for being delivered on time, this month in fact.

Tabletop Mini Cars Mini Kickstarter! 15mm & 20mm - Kicktraq Mini
Tabletop Mini Cars Mini Kickstarter! 15mm & 20mm

Chock: åter från graven

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Plötsligt började alla gamla tyger, kistor och andra lösa föremål sväva fritt i luften på den unkna gamla vinden. De virvlade runt och jag fick ducka för att inte träffas av en gammal jordglob. Skåp öppnades och stängdes, speglar splittrades och jag förstod med all önskvärd tydlighet att något absolut inte ville ha mig där.

Välkommen till Chock: åter från graven, ett nytt spel i klassisk anda! Likt en mumie som kliver upp ur sarkofagen eller en gengångare som klöser sig ur graven, ska ännu en klassisk upplevelse från rollspelssveriges barndom få helt nytt liv.

Målet har varit att återuppliva den klassiska skräckgenren med ett helt nytt svenskt rollspel som inspirerats av den första utgåvan av svenska Chock.

Chock: åter från graven - Kicktraq Mini

Tiny Epic Zombies - A Game of Brutal Survival

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An unthinkable crisis has struck the Echo Ridge Mall. A mysterious outbreak has claimed the lives of nearly everyone there... what's worse is they are crawling the stores and commons as Zombies hungry for flesh.

Only a few Survivors remain. Are you among the Survivors? Or are you one of the ravenous Zombies? The choice is yours in Tiny Epic Zombies!

Tiny Epic Zombies - A Game of Brutal Survival - Kicktraq Mini

Nemesis Board Game

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Welcome to the world of Nemesis! This new board game, designed by Adam Kwapiński, is the result of a collaboration between Awaken Realms (creators of This War of Mine: TBG, The Edge: Dawnfall and Lords of Hellas) and Rebel (creators of Drako, Dream Home and K2).

It's a 1-5 players semi-cooperative Sci-Fi horror where you and your friends try to survive while attempting to fulfill your secret objectives that may sometimes collide. It will also enable full co-op as well as solo play experience.

Nemesis Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

The Red Dragon Inn 7: The Tavern Crew

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The Red Dragon Inn 7 is a new, 2-4 player stand-alone expansion to The Red Dragon Inn series of games. In this game, you and up to three of your friends will play as the staff of our beloved tavern, enjoying the night after all the adventuring patrons have passed out in their rooms (or stables). Of course this won't be a quiet night of relaxation!

Gamble, brawl and drink the night away as you prove you have what it takes to keep up with the heroes you handle night after night. The Red Dragon Inn 7 can be combined with all of our previous releases, letting you mix up the characters (and the mayhem) for games with four or more players!

The Red Dragon Inn 7: The Tavern Crew - Kicktraq Mini

League of Seekers

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The League of Seekers is a horror RPG set in an alternate 18th century Europe, around 1762. The age of enlightenment has begun, science and religion jostle for control over the masses. A mad king sits upon the throne of England, monsters terrorise the peasants in France. The forests of Eastern Europe harbour beasts from folktales and legends.

The Ottoman Empire has begun to lose its grip and to the south a sleeping god stirs, his dreams scratching at the thin veil that separates reality from the nightmare.

League of Seekers - Kicktraq Mini
League of Seekers

Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Shadowvale

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Darkness looms upon the Kingdom of Valeria. Werewolves, Vampires, and other shadowy creatures reach out in the night to tear apart your people. But never fear, new Citizens have joined the fray - some specializing in taking out these dark creatures!

Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Shadowvale brings in a whole new set of Citizens, Monsters, Domains, and Dukes that you can play stand-alone using components from the base game, or mix with card stacks from the base game and previous expansions for all new experiences.

Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Shadowvale - Kicktraq Mini

PolyHero Dice - Rogue Set

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Each of the last two years we've run Kickstarters to produce two sets of imaginative dice, the Warrior Set and the Wizard Set, and thanks to your support they are now both a reality! Both are now available (in limited quantities) from

Now it's time for a new set of dice to emerge from the shadows! The Rogue Set is once again the classic 7-piece set of RPG dice (plus a special Kickstarter bonus - see below).

PolyHero Dice - Rogue Set - Kicktraq Mini

Curse of the Lost Memories - Dungeons & Dragons & Pathfinder

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Curse of the Lost Memories is the first volume of the Chronicles of the Celestial Chains adventure path. It's hard fantasy—a ruthless environment with successful villains, detailed political setting, and tough consequences for heroes’ mistakes. The player characters have memories that are seemingly not their own—visions of the past that don’t feel like visions, some lingering while others vanishing as if hiding from something dark.

The external threat coming from the local moors is only part of the fight PCs find themselves in. This isn’t simply a mission for the local Viscount to clean out a moor of monsters. This is a war for their very identities. They must stand together or perish all.

Curse of the Lost Memories - Dungeons & Dragons & Pathfinder - Kicktraq Mini

Gentes - Deluxified™ Edition

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Designed by Stefan Risthaus (Arkwright), this civilization game is for 2-4 players and will last around 90 minutes. While training priests, soldiers, merchants, artisans, and scholars, players will establish and populate significant cities, while creating monuments that will glorify their greatness to those who see them in the future.

Gentes - Deluxified™ Edition - Kicktraq Mini

Freyja's Wrath: Dark Age & Fantasy 28mm Shieldmaidens

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We exploded onto the miniatures scene in 2015 (following years of trading as The Dice Bag Lady) with Viking shieldmaidens. Since then we have released a huge amount of miniatures from WW2, Feudal Japan, Fantasy, Sci Fi and more. This is a return to our roots in a grand and dramatic way. Something we haven’t offered (up until now) is the option to build an entire army. You want a whole army of kick arse shieldmaidens? Well, hello. These are suitable for both Dark Ages and Fantasy wargaming, with some of the units and characters also being versatile for a whole number of uses.

The core troops are historical dark age (but cool and interesting enough to be used with fantasy) with a mythological twist with some of the characters. All the crazy stuff is rooted in Norse Mythology.

Freyja's Wrath: Dark Age & Fantasy 28mm Shieldmaidens - Kicktraq Mini
Freyja's Wrath: Dark Age & Fantasy 28mm Shieldmaidens

The Scarlet Pimpernel: Signature Edition

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Join the Scarlet Pimpernel on his daring adventures in this beautiful new euro strategy game!

The Scarlet Pimpernel: Signature Edition - Kicktraq Mini

Rambo: The Board Game

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Rambo™: The Board Game is a highly thematic, cooperative, and tactical miniature mission-based campaign game that allows 1-4 players to experience the events you remember from the films as well as embark on new, never before seen missions.

Rambo: The Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

Necronomicon Dice

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This is the best dice project you have seen ever!

Do you like to play board games, or like dice, or like horror. This Set is for you!

Necronomicon Dice - Kicktraq Mini

Das Geheimnis der Tempel

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Willkommen zu unserer Kickstarterkampagne für Das Geheimnis der Tempel. Das Spiel bietet ein spannendes und strategisches Spielerlebnis mit einem einzigartigen Kristallgitter-Mechanismus.

Das Geheimnis der Tempel - Kicktraq Mini

GO ECO: The Classic Game Of Survival

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Go Eco is playing cards with a unique concept and different thoughts. It has more than 55 Well-designed cards with amazing artwork.

We also added badges for counting points, 10 different types of gameplay, bonus cards, and gameplay instruction & videos. This pushes the level of fun in playing with cards to the maximum. We put it in Kickstarter campaign because we know that we can't build this without you.

GO ECO: The Classic Game Of Survival - Kicktraq Mini

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