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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

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Gem Expedition

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This is Gem Expedition, first of many exciting strategy board games that we want to bring to life through Kickstarter.

Our goal is to make Gem Expedition a reality, a game that you can see on the shelf when you walk into your local game store. But we need your help. So come on in, and see if Gem Expedition is the project for you!

Gem Expedition - Kicktraq Mini


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GUNSWORD is a tactical card game designed to recreate the elegance and aggression of a gunsword duel. Careful positioning, bluffing, and strategic card combinations are your tools to defeat your opponent.

You can play a careful game of inches or swing wild with bold plays that dare your opponent to respond.

GUNSWORD - Kicktraq Mini

Twisted Christmas: Summoning the Krampus!

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'Twisted Christmas' is a small seasonal release of metal and resin miniatures for painting and wargaming. It is the first collaboration between Mustafa Bekir and Jason Lye and we hope you find it entertaining.

The miniatures have already been sculpted and have had moulds made. We intend to ship very soon after the Kickstarter ends and in time for Christmas delivery.

Twisted Christmas: Summoning the Krampus! - Kicktraq Mini
Twisted Christmas: Summoning the Krampus!

Capharnaum - The Roleplaying Game

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Welcome to the Capharnaum kickstarter! Help us fund the release of the English version of this fantastic roleplaying game in a beautiful 400-page hardback, and also expand into a complete line of adventures, supplements, and support material into 2018 and beyond!

Capharnaum - The Roleplaying Game - Kicktraq Mini

Aventuria Compendium - The Dark Eye RPG

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Experience The Dark Eye and its ENnie-Award winning setting Aventuria in even greater depth with the Aventuria Compendium.

Whether your characters prefer weapons or words, the Compendium gives your heroes exciting new options for interacting with the world of The Dark Eye! As a player, choose the rules that you like best. Options can apply to all characters or even just to one—you decide how you want to play!

Master new fighting styles and wield new weapons on the battlefield, or put more subtle skills to use and outmaneuver your opponents in social interactions. Expand your game with new rules for Fate points, weapon breakage, hit locations, information gathering, item creation, and more!

Aventuria Compendium - The Dark Eye RPG - Kicktraq Mini


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Just1MoreCat is an all ages card and dice game where the champion of the game adopts the most cats.

Players adopt cats from the cat herd, then trade, steal, and adopt more (you guessed it) cats. Watch out for catfights and Catmaggedon!

Just1MoreCat - Kicktraq Mini

Sky Relics Fleet Core

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Sky Relics is a battle fleet game, where players command fleets to do battle in the skies for their Nation or for glory and riches. Iron Sky Hulks soar through the clouds hunting the next battle as their barrels heat up with Shells ripping through the air slamming and decimating heavy armor. Life and death rages on in the skies high above Targus, but will you, brave hero, be one who truly lives?

With this exciting Sky Relics two player core box set, launch two mighty opposing factions with all the material you need to wage epic battles, including crafted ship miniatures with flight stands indicating firing arcs.

Sky Relics Fleet Core - Kicktraq Mini
Sky Relics Fleet Core

Darien - Apocalypse

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Darien Apocalypse explores the theme using four quantum worlds - success and failure will vary from world to world. The calamitous events are represented by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. How will you fair against these infernal forces ?

In this game for 1 - 4 players you will make the arduous journey to Darien and attempt to survive all that the Horsemen can send against you.

Darien Apocalypse can be played cooperatively or competitively; succeed against the Horsemen with or in spite of your fellow adventurers – you choose. The fate of a nation rests in your hands!

Darien - Apocalypse - Kicktraq Mini

Sons Of Odin Fantasy Football

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They arrived from cold lands of the north, rough warriors ready to clean the fields with the bodies of their rival teams.

Sons Of Odin Fantasy Football - Kicktraq Mini


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Museum is a 2 to 4 player game designed by Olivier Melison and Eric Dubus. This game of historical set collection will see players taking on the mantle of Curator in one of the world’s great museums.

Discover lost civilisations from four continents and acquire relics to display in your galleries. Each object you exhibit will earn you points! Additionally, at the end of the game, you’ll score more based on the size of your different Collections, which can be based on Civilisations or Domains. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

The world will keep turning as you play however and you’ll have to contend with historical events that may make the acquisition of artefacts harder, as well as facing the scrutinising gaze of public opinion.

Museum - Kicktraq Mini

Core Space

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Core Space is a deluxe fully modular three dimensional board game for 1 to 6 players. The game can be played as single missions or campaigns with each player in charge of a team of traders, their sole objective, to survive in a dangerous galaxy!

Core Space - Kicktraq Mini

Gunfighter's Ball Wild West Miniatures Game

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Gunfighter's Ball miniatures are sculpted digitally by Forrest Harris and cast in razor-sharp lead-free tin pewter. Figures are considered 28mm in size, but match most modern 28s at about 30mm to eye level.

Each figure comes on a slotta tab with an MDF 25mm diameter base. There are lots of figures already available and this campaign will add some amazing new products to the range.

Gunfighter's Ball Wild West Miniatures Game - Kicktraq Mini
Gunfighter's Ball Wild West Miniatures Game

Russian Village, 28mm, Laser-Cut HDF Terrain Kits

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When a German guy from Connecticut and an American guy from Maine share a love for history and wargaming, awesome things happen.... just like our new Russian Village.

The village consists of HDF (high density fiber board) laser cut kits for five buildings and eight accessory packs containing fences, carts and livestock buildings. All kits are designed to have a lot of detail, the buildings open up for access during gaming and are easy to assemble and paint. They are fit for 28 mm (1:56) scale.

Russian Village, 28mm, Laser-Cut HDF Terrain Kits - Kicktraq Mini
Russian Village, 28mm, Laser-Cut HDF Terrain Kits

Warsong 2nd Edition for Fate Core

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Warsong is a game about cataclysmic war. A game that looks into the face of destiny, and decides for itself. It is a game about mythic deeds, and choosing free will over fate.

Destiny is a choice. The Viziers guide the flow of our world toward its inexorable doom. The armies of the world amass and gather, intent on destruction and death. Only you can choose the path of your own fate. By your actions, you choose the course of history. The burden of free will is yours alone. The chains of destiny cannot hold you.

Warsong 2nd Edition for Fate Core - Kicktraq Mini
Warsong 2nd Edition for Fate Core


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During My FRAME-WERX Kickstarter I promised the Backers that I'd launch another one before Year's end for 3D PRINTABLE CUSTOM BASING FILES, so HERE WE ARE ^ ^

Now this is pretty straight forward. I'm always trying to get more people into 3D PRINTING as the tech becomes more affordable and accessible to Everyone, so these are HIGH DETAIL CUSTOM BASES (bigger pics later below) designed EASY TO PRINT for the Hobby Enthusiast in MULTIPLE SIZES.


Atlantis Miniatures: Mythology

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A glorious mix of mythological resin miniatures in 28mm scale!

Atlantis Miniatures: Mythology - Kicktraq Mini
Atlantis Miniatures: Mythology

Roll to the Top!

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In this game, 2 to 5 climbers race to complete their climbing challenge. Use the different dice (4, 6, 8, 12, 20 sided) smartly!

Roll to the Top! - Kicktraq Mini

Aeon Trespass: Nymphs

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Aeon Trespass: Nymphs is a highly detailed series of 32mm pin-up miniatures inspired by Greek mythology and the Science Fantasy genre.

Aeon Trespass: Nymphs - Kicktraq Mini

Town of Salem's The Savior of Salem

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The Savior of Salem is a simple, easy to learn, multiplayer RPG dungeon crawling card game. You fight monsters, grow your mob, work with and backstab other players in order to be the first player to overpower the Coven and become the hero of the Town.

Created by BlankMediaGames, the company that brought you Town of Salem, the popular online game that got its start on Kickstarter. BlankMediaGames has had 3 successful Kickstarters in the past, including the hugely popular Town of Salem - The Card Game that had almost 10,000 backers.

Town of Salem's The Savior of Salem - Kicktraq Mini

Tome of Horrors: Reborn for Fifth Edition

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Frog God Games' wants to unleash the next iteration of its iconic Tome of Horrors series for 5th Edition (Swords & Wizardry & Pathfinder fans see More Details Section below). Hordes of sinister adversaries, restless dead, and other horrific monstrosities to gleefully challenge your players' expectations.

Bursting with hundreds of creatures, new additions as well as converted classics, in a library-bound and stitched full color volume, the next Tome of Horrors will be a must have for your 5th edition campaign.

Tome of Horrors: Reborn for Fifth Edition - Kicktraq Mini

Ducks Lost in the Dungeons of Doom IV: Quack Keep

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They're back! Or should I say Quack? This time Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom has gone to the ducks! More fantastic metal miniatures and a very special RPG module for YOU to explore!

This Kickstarter campaign is a collaboration between legendary game designer Jennell Jaquays and sculptor Darcy Perry, following the appearance of ducks in the previous Star Hat Miniatures Kickstarter: Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom III.

This is also an opportunity for YOU to contribute! With the Legendary Hero pledge, YOU can collaborate with us to bring new characters to the Quack Keep module and gaming table.

Ducks Lost in the Dungeons of Doom IV: Quack Keep - Kicktraq Mini

Hives & Honeycombs

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Collect nectar. Make honey. Sting the competition.

Hives & Honeycombs is a fast paced tactical game for 2 to 4 players, aged 8+, 30-60 mins playing time. Build your empire and conquer the bee kingdom!

Be prepared for tactical decisions, fun images, iconic cards and plenty of 'bee-puns'.

Hives & Honeycombs - Kicktraq Mini

Kill The Unicorns!

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A calculated attempt to bring out the worst in people in this fun little game from Mourning Players.

Played by between 3-6 players and taking around 20-45 minutes to play, the game features blind bidding and set collection in this card game where you play as one of the Queedoms unique characters.

Grab The Print & Play Version & Rules

Catch as many unicorns as you can hopefully without capturing a smelly unicorn or a pigicorn!

Kill The Unicorns! - Kicktraq Mini

Simulacra Games: The Wilson Wolfe Affair

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The Wilson Wolfe Affair is a cooperative game for one or many players, where you receive a crate full of seemingly innocuous goodies – but – after looking things over, finding hidden clues, and solving puzzles... you unveil a sinister conspiracy that covers the globe.

Upon finding the diary of a studio animator in a box of old cartoon memorabilia, you become convinced of his theory that someone was hiding secret messages in the cartoons. You find yourself searching through old newspapers, reading old letters, examining toys and games, and scouring the internet for uploads of the antique films to pick apart, as you get sucked in to the most immersive mystery game you will ever play.

Simulacra Games: The Wilson Wolfe Affair - Kicktraq Mini

Epic Cards: Colorful, Modular Tiles for RPG and D&D Games

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We will start voting for the best tiles soon! Epic Cards comes with smaller and larger game tiles. The smaller tiles are 4 x 4 inch (10 x 10 cm) and the larger tiles are 8 x 8 inch (20 x 20 cm).

The smaller tiles are highly modular while the larger tiles have more space for individual designs. We will start voting for the motives of the larger tiles soon. Se below some designs that could be on that tiles!

Epic Cards: Colorful, Modular Tiles for RPG and D&D Games - Kicktraq Mini

The Battle Of Kursk. Fast & Fun WWII Platoon-Level Gaming


Designed by Mark H. Walker and David K. van Hoose, Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk (PCD:K) is the gorgeous port of Tiny Battles’ well-known Platoon Commander system to Flying Pig’s big box, mounted map, large counter method of game publishing.

Each game includes TWO mounted 11” x 17” geomorphic maps, and four sheets of thick (2mm thick, wow these counters are so easy to pick up, thick, why haven’t wargames been like this forever, thick), 1” square counters. There are Tiger tanks, Panther tanks, Mk IV tanks, T-34/76 tanks, KV-1 tanks, SU-152 assault guns, infantry (rifle, guards, pioneers, submachine gun), mortar batteries, Stukas, IL-2, and more.

The Battle Of Kursk. Fast & Fun WWII Platoon-Level Gaming - Kicktraq Mini

Flash Gordon™ RPG For Savage Worlds

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We announced the Savage World of Flash Gordon™ at Gen Con in 2015, and now it's here! Drawing inspiration from Alex Raymond's original strips, the serials, AND the 1980 movie starring Sam J. Jones and Max von Sydow, this is far more than just a game, this is a definitive resource for all Flash Gordon's adventures!

Flash Gordon™ RPG For Savage Worlds - Kicktraq Mini

Tavern Trouble - The Smashing Fantasy Card Game For Everyone

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Discover a beautifully illustrated card game in which dwarves, elves, goblins and fairies clash at the cosy Crowned Frog tavern.

Tavern Trouble - The Smashing Fantasy Card Game For Everyone - Kicktraq Mini

Masters & Minions: A 5th Edition Supplement

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As game masters, we love 5E, but sometimes we run out of time preparing for a game. If only there was a supplement that had what we needed that would let us drag-and-drop into any campaign, potentially saving hours of game prep time.

If only there were some new and exciting content we could offer, and for the proper XP level of the players. Well, fellow GMs, now there is!

Masters & Minions: A 5th Edition Supplement - Kicktraq Mini

LIVING PLANET by Christophe Boelinger

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In LIVING PLANET, explore a new Planet, exploit its resources and trade them. But, beware of cataclysms, the Planet might be ... living!

In this 2-4 players strategy game by Christophe Boelinger, you will not be able to win without taking risks. As the game progresses, and resources are becoming scarce, you will discover that the planet defends itself against invaders, whoever they are...

LIVING PLANET by Christophe Boelinger - Kicktraq Mini

Rolljordan Raptors Lizardman Team Fantasy Football Miniature

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We are glad to introduce to our Fantasy Football fans and supporting the players community with another amazing team. From the old world the Raptors are coming, One of the most fun teams to play. We want to produce a complete 16 players team, which include all the positional with no duplicate models cast in with the highest quality resin And all with an incredible price that only RAG and RJ can offer.

This is why we need your help more than ever, we have committed a great effort and lots of time to offer you this high quality team, with stunning models at a very competitive price.

Rolljordan Raptors Lizardman Team Fantasy Football Miniature - Kicktraq Mini
Rolljordan Raptors Lizardman Team Fantasy Football Miniature


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A 2 or 4 player card driven drafting dice rolling game of martial arts combat by Pedro P. Mendoza.

Bushido - Kicktraq Mini

Fields Of Eleria

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Fields of Eleria is a head-to-head high-fantasy card game that draws inspirations from Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, or MOBAs, eSports, and traditional card games. Build your deck, fill it with whatever Heroes, Minions, Gear cards, anything you want to play with, and strategically push through 3 lanes of combat in order to destroy your opponent's Core.

It's an equal playing field, no chasing rares, no losing because your opponent bought a ton more cards than you, all roads to victory are yours for the taking.

Fields Of Eleria - Kicktraq Mini

Dungeon Alphabet 4th Printing

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Help bring The Dungeon Alphabet back in a deluxe 4th printing! One of the most popular titles ever released by Goodman Games and a precursor to the design elements that would eventually make DCC RPG so popular, The Dungeon Alphabet is a book of dungeon inspiration that blends creative writing and inspirational art. Every RPG enthusiast, whether player or judge, will find their minds abuzz after reading this book.

Dungeon Alphabet 4th Printing - Kicktraq Mini
Dungeon Alphabet 4th Printing

RPG 3D Printed Dungeon Gaming System

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Our vision is to bring a flexible and affordable modular 3D dungeon to life for all quest based RPG gaming fans out there!

RPG 3D Printed Dungeon Gaming System - Kicktraq Mini

Creatures Of The Night: Wrath Of Cichol

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Creatures of the Night is a fantasy miniature range (and perhaps, in the future, a game) designed by Krakon Games. Each chapter explores a period from the Lebor Gabála Érenn (Book of Invasions) - an Irish histro-mythology exploring the various races to inhabit and invade ancient Eriu (Ireland).

Creatures Of The Night: Wrath Of Cichol - Kicktraq Mini
Creatures Of The Night: Wrath Of Cichol

Awkward Guests - Mystery & Deduction Board Game

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A card game in which every play recreates differently the night Mr. Walton was murdered. Infinite replayability and real deduction.

Awkward Guests - Mystery & Deduction Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

The Commune Of Courolempierre

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The Commune of Courolempierre is a full Campaign Setting for use with tabletop role playing game systems.

The Commune Of Courolempierre - Kicktraq Mini
The Commune Of Courolempierre

Senet: Modern & Customised Boards On Commission

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"Senet" is an ancient Egyptian board game and is said to be the oldest board game in the world. There are no surviving rules although historians have made educated guesses.

There have been proposed rules to play the game but the rules resulted in a rather boring board game by modern standards. Game craftsman Mitsuo Yamamoto has created Senet-modern with rules that provide a speedy, offensive and strategic game for the modern board game player.

Senet: Modern & Customised Boards On Commission - Kicktraq Mini
Senet: Modern & Customised Boards On Commission

Naval Secrets Of Wargame Design

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The "Secrets of Wargame Design" series explores wargaming rules, concepts, and mechanics to offer provocative wit, wisdom, and imagination to help you tweak an existing set of rules or create your own rules and make a better wargame.

Designers of miniature, boardgame and computer wargames can learn a thing or two or a dozen about how to craft game mechanics and even entire systems. Some articles present complete game systems, others focus in on one mechanic. All delve into the nuts and bolts of design.

Naval Secrets Of Wargame Design - Kicktraq Mini

Cities of the Black Scrolls - Modular Map-Tile Sets

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Please watch our video (if you haven't done it yet) and read over our campaign page below, you'll find every informational point about these modular tabletop RPG Map-Tile sets.

If you still have any question please feel free to write a comment or check out the FAQ section, perhaps someone has already had the same questions. Thank you!

Cities of the Black Scrolls - Modular Map-Tile Sets - Kicktraq Mini

The Floor Is Lava Board Game

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The Floor is Lava is an unpredictable board game experience that will have your friends bending over backwards - literally!

Make choices to give yourself an edge, or better, make an outrageous rule your friends have to follow - or else!

The Floor Is Lava Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

‘Sector 0141’ – Modular Industrial Wargaming Terrain

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Whether you're new to the world of tabletop wargaming or you're a seasoned veteran who’s prospered on countless battlefields, 'Sector 0141' terrain is perfect to contain the hostilities of any industrial conflict - whether it be gang warfare, a separatist insurgency or an alien invasion.

We at Dark City Terrain couldn’t be happier to spearhead our first ever Kickstarter; 'Sector 0141'. Completely modular in its design, this highly detailed, laser-cut MDF terrain lets you connect towers with walkways, stairs and platforms to construct your own unique, multi-level arena suited for the factories and dense metropolis of the future.

‘Sector 0141’ – Modular Industrial Wargaming Terrain - Kicktraq Mini

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