Deals are on the way! Free Email Alerts Too!

March 13, 2012 by warzan

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Backstage Deals Info and Terms and Conditions.

Yes you heard that right, a steady stream of deals are on their way, most will be for backstage members, some will be for everyone (with an added bonus or discount for backstage).

However everyone will be able to see the deals and if you think its worth it, you can become a backstage member and reap the benefits.

If your too lazy to visit everyday to see what the next deal is you can get an email alert by dropping your email address in the box below!

Every Deal will have a time limit and most will only run for 24hrs, so check back often.

What kind of deals are on the way? All kinds 😉 And a big thank you goes out to the industry for getting involved in this!

Have an Idea for a Deal? Tell us about it

Would you Like to get involved in the Deals Program? Get in touch!

So deals are finally on their way (sorry it took so long!) and we hope this helps add value to your backstage membership and helps you save a ton of money on cool stuff!

Backstage is an important part of Beasts of War and goes a long way to helping us do what we do, the funds from backstage go towards creating all content (including the free content) so those that have a backstage account are massive supporters for the whole community. Some times the exclusive backstage content slows down (we're working on alot of backstage stuff at the moment) but remember your backstage contribution has helped make all the content and activities possible. But like everything else we want backstage to be awesome for its members, and we hope you'll join up and stick around for the ride!

Happy Gaming Guys!

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