TTCombat Begin The Dropzone/Dropfleet Battle For Earth

May 29, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat has been showing off the new book for Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander fans. The Battle For Earth begins as pre-orders are being taken for the books release on June 14th.


Here is the fluff on what awaits you within this tome for players of both games...

"The year is 2673.

160 years ago humanity was evicted from their home, invaded by the terrifying Scourge. A parasitic race determined to capture or kill every living being, they overwhelmed mankind’s defences. Humanity escaped to the Colonies, abandoning Earth and the Cradle Worlds to their attackers. Now the United Colonies of Mankind have come back, fighting a bitter war known as the Reconquest.

They are beset on all sides not just from the Scourge, but the ancient alien Shaltari, the abandonists of the Post-Human Republic, and even on occupied worlds by the Resistance. Now a brief window of opportunity has opened, allowing the UCM to return to Earth and finally take it back from the Scourge. It will be a hard-fought battle, although aid may yet come from unlikely sources. Humanity might have a chance at returning to their home, although they don’t expect a friendly arrival."

It looks like things are seriously going to be hotting up with the game and the story going forward. I would assume this also means we're going to get all sorts of new releases for the game as well, building on the different forces as they look to take control of vast swathes of Earth.

Dropfleet Commander fans will find themselves new rules for the Resistance Fleet which you can actually see here!

Resistance Starter Fleet - TTCombat

It is as ramshackle and beaten up as you might imagine featuring all sorts of cobbled together elements. I think it's going to be awesome seeing just how they work on the tabletop.

Dropzone Commander fans will find a new and improved version of the rules within the book alongside rules for using the gigantic behemoths in your games. These colossal war engines are there to turn the tide even in the most desperate of encounters.

Event Exclusives

As well as those new releases there's also a couple of event exclusive miniatures which will be available at UK Games Expo and beyond this year. First up we have the Pungari Thresher Hive Ship.

Pungari Thresher Hive Ship -TTCombat

This massive new ship is going to be available at events this year and through the TTCombat webstore so if you're looking for something monolithic and dangerous you've got one hell of a ship to get stuck into here.

If you prefer ground combat then you could punt for the EAA Columbus Battlewalker which looks like it has been pulled out of an episode of Thunderbirds.

EAA Columbus Battlewalker - TTCombat

This massive walker has been salvaged from times gone by, hence the less than sleek design. Whilst it won't be winning any beauty contests it will certainly be blasting holes in the enemy and weathering all sorts of attacks in return.

It can be armed with either massive flamethrowers or huge AA guns instead if you prefer.

What do you make of these new options for both Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander?

"Whilst it won't be winning any beauty contests it will certainly be blasting holes in the enemy and weathering all sorts of attacks in return..."

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