Gather The New Dystopian Wars Battle Groups With Spartan

May 8, 2014 by brennon

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Spartan Games is really pushing the boat out with their updated selection of Armoured and Naval Battle Groups for Dystopian Wars. See what you think of these new sets that will be available soon...

Blazing Sun Naval

Britannia Naval

Covenant Naval

Federated States Naval

French Naval

Prussian Naval

Russian Naval

First up we have the Naval Battle Groups above because, lets face it, this is the side of the battlefield we really wanted to see. I do love pretty much all of their ships and the Prussians and Russians still hold the title of best looking, in my opinion at least. They even come with those nifty trays for the smaller fighters!

Blazing Sun Armoured

Britannia Armoured

Covenant Armoured

Federated States Armoured

French Armoured

Prussian Armoured

Russian Armoured

Once again the Prussians are winning the vote as best looking Battle Group with that awesome walker in their midst. I haven't actually seen the land based game being played but it does look like fun. How much more fun than the naval game I don't know but worth a go I'd say. Mix the two together and see how it goes!

Will you be picking one up?

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