Countdown to Salute – Tuesday

April 12, 2011 by beerogre

I'm not in the studio until Thursday (for TURN 8), so today has been a hectic round of phone calls and last minute tweaks to Friday's travel schedule.

The hotel has been asked to throw some straw and a blanket in the corner, so we can get Romain somewhere to sleep, as everywhere in London seems to be booked out!

We've been going over the list of attendees and we've been inundated by emails and messages from people attending the event who want to meet us.

It looks like this Salute is going to be an eventful one!

Oh... and this is a message for Romain... Brigade Models who make that Dwarf I owe you are going to be at Salute 2011!

But Brigade Models won't just have 28mm Dwarven hunks, they'll also have some additions to their current games... Aeronef, Iron Stars and Land Ironclad...

Don't forget to put your suggestions below and tell us what you want to see at Salute.

BoW Andy

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