Countdown to Salute – Wednesday

April 13, 2011 by beerogre

So everything is settling down a bit. All the arrangements seem to be finalised and now we just have to organise kit and decide on our hit list of people to see... but we'll finalise that tomorrow (so there's still time to give us some suggestions).

We've been looking through some of the Salute 2011 special releases and this has caught my eye... Black Scorpion will be giving Cleavage... sorry Cutlass its premier!

The good guys at Black Scorpion will be bringing along 100 copies of a smashing limited edition miniature based on... well I'll let you guess what it's based on...

I want one of those, but with only 100 in stock (-10 that will be going to eBay), I'll need to be quick in order to get my hands on one. I also need to grab some of those brilliant Black Scorpion Wild West models for an extra-special BoW project that I'm working on... stay tuned for that!

Hey... while I'm at it, I might as well get some Pirates and Cutlass too... damn it! My cash is almost gone and I haven't even left yet!!!

Who else is going to Salute and what are you planning to get?

BoW Andy

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