Back to Earth with a Bump

April 18, 2011 by beerogre

So that's it... Salute is over for another year and while it was a hectic whirlwind of activity. You can never really call dressing up and talking about toy soldiers to be "work".

We managed to get around a good selection of the show, but we have a number of apologies to make to those we just didn't have time to reach. Of those we didn't get, you can expect us to do a catch up with them very soon.

Of those we couldn't quite get to, we really wanted to speak to the guys at Black Scorpion about Cutlass, but they were so popular on the day, that the stall was always four deep, but we did manage to quickly grab them and make arrangements contact them for something a bit more special...

However, of those we did get to speak to, there were definitely a few really cracking finds. Oshiro Modelterrain had the best miniatures of the show for me, but unfortunately they weren't available for sale... well... not yet anyway.

... and star of the show has to go to Ged from Gringo's 40's. Not only were his miniatures characterful and fun (just like the man himself), but Ged and his friends had some of the best energy and the prettiest ladies of the show.

Finally, I have to thank Steve Jackson, who graciously took time to speak to us about his thoughts on Salute, Fighting Fantasy and how it all got started. Look out for the interview this week.

So, after a hectic three days of early mornings and late nights, dehydration and lots of Chinese food, we're back to the studio to get all this footage edited and give you all a chance to see the fun and frolics of Beasts of War at Salute 2011!

I hope you enjoy it...

BoW Andy

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