Peek At New Rebels, Droids & Speeders For Star Wars: Legion

July 6, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games this week previewed some new units coming to Star Wars: Legion for those looking to either expand their Original Trilogy force or dive into the Clone Wars on the side of the Republic of Separatists.

Rebel Veterans - FFG

We start with the Veteran Rebels that you can see here sporting all manner of more high powered guns to use on the tabletop. As well as their standard blaster rifles they also have access to gun emplacements and a CM-O/93 trooper who is looking to get a pinpoint strike on his opponent.

These fellows are hard to shift, having spent much of their life fighting against the brutal forces of The Empire. It seems like a pretty good set to pick up if you're looking to create a force which is very much tailored towards combat on Hoth. You could tweak the colours on their uniforms to fit different climates but I think they'll still recognisably be from Hoth.

Droids & Speeders

As we look back to the Clone Wars we have some more options for both sides of the conflict. The first of these is the introduction of the Barc Speeder which I must admit, I had never heard of.

Barc Speeder - FFG

Acting as a swift response unit on the battlefield, the Barc Speeder comes with all of the speed of a regular speeder bike but with the additional blaster cannons strapped to the side of it. It looks like a good way for you to chase down errant Separatist forces on the tabletop and harry Droid Tanks from the rear (we're so getting those right?).

As well as the Republic getting some hefty reinforcements the Separatists also get their Droideka!

Droidekas - FFG

These 'roller droids' as my brother and I referred to them as for years were some of the coolest things to pop up in the prequels. I thought they were deadly as hell and very cool indeed. I used to absolutely love trying to fight them in the Star Wars: Phantom Menace video game and as them in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

This set comes with two of them but I'm sure many folks are going to be looking for ways to add more than that into their force. Alas, they don't come in roller configuration in the set. That would have been cool for the narrative effect!

Will you be looking to pick up these new Star Wars: Legion offerings?

"Alas, they don't come in roller configuration in the set. That would have been cool for the narrative effect!"

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