Spyglass Miniatures Releases a New Monk Miniature

May 20, 2011 by beerogre

Spyglass Miniatures... I seem to remember that they had another range of miniatures before this one... perhaps it was a different company. If you know, drop a comment below!

Anyway... the (new/relaunched) Spyglass Miniatures has just released a new Monk character to it range. The range itself is all resin, so it's probably aimed more towards the roleplaying/collecting market, rather than wargaming, but still the miniatures are well sculpted, with fluid lines and simple detail, that are refreshing in a market flooded with "skullz 'n spikez".

With Warren's talk of starting a few Warhammer Quest games, I might just invest in a couple of these to make some interesting characters.

Bow Andy

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