Warheads Medieval Tales Leaps to Your Mobile!

March 14, 2012 by dracs

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Are you looking for something to pass the time until your next wargame? Well Warheads, the table top game of cartoony medieval warfare, is now coming to your mobile!

Warheads Medieval Tales

The game sees you take on the role of Sir Hugo.

Warheads Sir Hugo

Gui Le Batard is raiding your lands, so now must gather about you a group of stalwart companions and venture forth through a series of stunningly beautiful locations to bring that batard down!

Warheads Medieval Tales Still

The game is incredibly easy to pick up. Simply slide your finger across the screen to guide your men towards whoever it is you want them to beat up. After the first wolf encounter you are ready to take on the world.

Warheads Medieval Tales Still 2

Their is however a certain level of customisation to get you even more hooked. Swap and change your party till you have your perfect group and level each of the characters up in the way you desire with their branching skills trees (I will just say that friar is worth his weight in gold. He might not be saving your immortal soul, but he does take care of your mortal body rather well.)

Warheads Medieval Tales Still 3

The only problem I had with the game was that when I started to get swamped by enemies my frantic swipes across the screen would end up getting misinterpreted. More than once I yelled my frustration to the world as I tried to order Eck, my ranged attack, to fire at the enemy, and instead watched as he happily walked straight into the centre of the melee.

Warheads Medieval Tales Map Screen

All in all this a brilliantly fun, though often frustrating game, with some of the most beautiful imagery I have so far seen on an iOS device. Unfortunately it is not compatible with anything which doesn't have iOS 4.3 (or anything later), but this is still a challenging game which I would urge any Warheads fans to have a go at.

So guys what are your thoughts on this latest example of wargaming on the go? Do you like the look of it? Think there could be room for improvement? Would this tempt any of you to give the actual table top game a try? Be sure to drop us your thoughts below.

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