4Ground Preview What Awaits Fabled Realms Beta Weekenders

February 9, 2018 by brennon

4Ground have been previewing some of the goodies that await you as part of the Fabled Realms Beta Weekend coming over the weekend of the 23rd to 25th February. First off we have them printing a load of Sell Swordย Guild that are ready to get stuck into the campaigning...

Sellsword Miniatures - Fabled Realms

As well as that, one of the big things we're doing over the weekend is allowing the participants to kit-bash their way through a mountain of plastic so they create their own individual warbands. Here's what they'll be playing around with!

Kit Bash Content - Fabled Realms

Now that certainly provides us with some interesting options as we look to build some cool warbands. There are going to be sixty boxes...sixty! That's a lot of plastic.

Last but not least, everyone who comes is going to get themselves a very nice personalised box too...

Personalised Boxes - Fabled Realms

This is going to be an awesome weekend...

Are you coming along and if so what kind of kitbashed force do you think you're going to build?

Drop your thoughts below...

"There are going to be sixty boxes...sixty! That's a lot of plastic!"

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