Bad Squiddo Give Us More Fearless Fantasy Females!

May 30, 2019 by cassn

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Bad Squiddo Games have become infamous for their Believable Female Miniatures Project, which aims to bring realistic female figures to wargaming. Now they're back with their sixth Kickstarter, bringing Dwarven damsels and awesome Amazonians to the tabletop!


Bad Squiddo Games is an indie company founded by sculptor, feminist and all-around excellent human being Annie Norman, who featured in our Women to Watch 2019 list earlier this year for promoting realistic female figures in wargaming.


Her sculpts are high quality, original designs which have proven time and again to be incredibly popular with the tabletop community.


All the miniatures are 28mm scale, cast in white metal, and compatible with most wargames.


The models have already been sculpted, so all images on the Kickstarter are finished, painted designs - and there's plenty to choose from!


Only the Dwarven monk and ranger require any assembly, with the rest of the collection coming as one part. They are supplied unpainted and with small moulded puddle bases attached (which can be easily removed if desired).


There are 12 different sets to choose from, and the Kickstarter allows you to mix and match your selection, so you can pick and choose your favourites, or get the entire collection of fearless females in one bundle!


My personal favourite is the Amazonian Champion Thea, who not only gets to brandish an excellent sword and look hella fierce, but also is accompanied on her quests by a Sprite riding a guinea pig. #LifeGoals


The Amazon & Dwarves Kickstarter has already been funded, but there are some excellent stretch goals to unlock, including a pack pony and some Peegasi (guinea pigs with wings), which may be the cutest thing I never knew I wanted.


So if you like your women warriors to be believable in battle, head over to the Bad Squiddo Games Kickstarter and choose your fearless females!

Which of these fighting females do you like best? Tell us below!

"An entire collection of fearless females in one bundle!"

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