Dragon Shield Show Off 2021 Christmas & Halloween Accessories

October 12, 2021 by fcostin

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Holiday seasons are a big deal for me, whether it be Easter, Christmas or Halloween, I love setting up my tabletop with some holiday-themed goodies to keep me in good spirits with the time of year. Plus when I have people over for themed nights during the holidays, to immerse myself and guests into the experience. Lots of tinsel and gingerbread men at Christmas, and pumpkins and cobwebs at Halloween!

Halloween 21 - Image One

Halloween Dragon 2021 Playmat // Dragon Shield

Arcane Tinmen has been a fantastic tool in aiding in my holiday-themed table when it comes to a decent card game setup. Now their Dragon Shield line have released their 2021 Halloween and Christmas Playmat and Art Sleeves, ready for this year's holiday/card themed adventures.

Available to purchase now, this year's Halloween Dragon fitting in the theme of 2021 will take a series of stunning fantastical dragons undergoing chaos and tomfoolery trick-or-treating. Costumed up-to-the-nines, these dragons are on the hunt for some new prey, reaping the sweet and sinister rewards for spooky season.

Dragon Shield - Image Two

Christmas Dragon 2021 Playmat // Dragon Shield

The Dragon Shield: Christmas Dragon 2021 brings heart and whimsy artwork to the jolly season, with a small juvenile dragon causing pain to the fake Santa's hat, and onlooker children laugh in cheer at the wholesome and warm scheme.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Dragon Shield store on October 22nd for the official release in time for Christmas.

All Dragon Shield Playmats are as hard as scales. Protecting your cards from any damage or scuffs, the fabric at the top is soft made with a polyester fabric and neoprene on the bottom to avoid any slippage.

Halloween 21 - Image Four

Halloween Dragon 2021 Playmat // Dragon Shield

Along with the release of playmats, if you do have a deck of cards in constant use over the holidays and want to keep them protected with Halloween Joy and Christmas Spirit, then you can pick yourself up Art Sleeves in theme with the Playmat release to truly feel the vibe of the holiday seasons, containing 100 sleeves per box.

How do you theme your tabletop to the holiday season? 

"All Dragon Shield Playmats are as hard as scales..."

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