New Drowned Earth Wave 2 Teaser Image Preview

April 7, 2019 by cassn

The Drowned Earth have released a teaser image of a new character for their second wave of Drowned Earth miniatures, and he is ripped.

Shanatt has muscles on top of muscles and hands that could crush your skull in one flex. However, just in case he isn't completely successful in destroying you with just his hands, Shanatt is carrying a massive double hooked chain to completely obliterate any enemies not already dead from fright.

My only criticism would be the giant USB port he has adopted as a belt buckle - I can't really see what purpose a huge hunk of scrap metal serves for his outfit, but I'm pretty sure he could pick me up and throw me, so I'm not about to criticise his fashion sense. Nice belt Shanatt. Lookin' good.

The Drowned Earth Wave 2 Miniatures will be released in May this year, so keep an eye on the Drowned Earth website for further information. Until then, you can get a closer look at Shanatt here.

Will you be updating your tabletop with Wave 2 releases? Tell us what you think of Shanatt below!

"Muscles on top of muscles!"

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