Pre-Order Opens For Redgrass’ 360 Degree Painting Handle

February 28, 2019 by cassn

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Redgrass Games have announced their popular 360° Ergonomic Handle for miniature painting is now available for preorder!


The painter's handle is designed to provide a natural fit in the hand with a gentle curve for finger support and is both right and left-handed friendly.


The 360 rotation is smooth with perfect 360° control - the miniature can be turned easily using just your thumb. Furthermore, Redgrass Games mounting putty means there's no need for clamps which can damage bases and limit size.


We reviewed a prototype of this handle on Indie Thursday back in January and absolutely loved it. The company is also responsible for the Everlasting Wet Palette which has been incredibly popular with hobbyists.


This Ergonomic Handle is also ridiculously affordable - only €10! Head on over to the Redgrass Games website and get yours now!

What do you feel is the most important element in designing a good painting handle?

"Perfect 360° control!"

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