Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black, A Kickstarter For A New 2 Player Starter Set, Plastic Sloops & More

September 24, 2020 by lloyd

Blood & Plunder Raise the Black Kickstarter Coming October 6th 2020

The new Blood & Plunder Kickstarter campaign Raise the Black will be going live on October 6th 2020. It will fund a new Blood & Plunder 2 player starter set with 28mm plastic miniatures, plastic sloops & more.

We interview Mike Tuñez from Firelock Games and Benerson Little, a renowned pirate historian who consults with the Firelock Games team and has also worked on the Black Sails TV Show. In the interview, we get a preview of what's coming in the Raise the Black Kickstarter and discover more about the change in the timeline as the miniatures game moves forward in time with the latest rule book.

28mm Plastic Miniatures and Ships FTW!

It's exciting stuff to see the Firelock Games team bringing a 2 player starter set in plastic into reality and possibly even more exciting to the new plastic ship the Bermuda Sloop also on the way again in plastic. However, if you're into your heavy metal the team will also continue to produce miniatures in metal, picking the appropriate material for each release they are working on.

There's more to see in the video, so have a watch and let us know what you're most excited by in the comments.

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