Community Spotlight: Dreadnought Magnetics, Old Trolls & Magical Goatmen

March 6, 2019 by lancorz

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Here we are, back for another week looking into the Forums and Projects to find the best of the best. There's  been a lot of work going on this past week, so let's dive right in... sure to let us know what you've been working on lately by posting it across the site, don't be shy!

Dreadnought Magnetics by Lawnor

The lucky scoundrel managed to steal a huge bargain at a local boot sale with a full box of 40k miniatures for a measly £10, while that's an achievement in itself, we can't look past the amount of effort that Lawnor's been working through on this box. The latest development is building and painting these Dreadnought's with additional limb attachments using emagnets and an old christmas tin left behind over the holidays.

By cutting through the tin and placing on the limbs, personally I'd worry that they may not stay in the correct place but then I remembered, it's magnets on metal...With such a small addition to the model it can make a huge change, switching weapons can always help with a Dreadnought!

While the paint scheme is beautifully clean and one of my favourite colour schemes, the model isn't finished. This button goes towards the ingenuity involved on this project especially to something that Lawnor admits not having much knowledge into the game and taking a great bargain into a priceless hobby.

Silver Tower Vintage Tzaangor by Curis

It's always a pleasure to see Curis is still pushing through some amazing hobby projects and this next one is no exception. The 90s Tzaangor goatmen from the Silver Tower are marvelous in tone and detail, with the strong bold colour choices of voilets and golds contrasting the bleak gray fur gives these a fantastic regal tone and a valued Egyptian feel about them.

Personally I don't know very much about the Silver Tower or this force however curis' beautiful photography and painting emits a magnificent story behind these that can almost be told without any knowledge of the lore. Check out his Patreon for some tutorials of his work.

Blood Rage Troll by Jammyjim

Lastly we have Jammyjim who doesn't update as frequently as I'd like however when an update is due, you can tell the time has been sunk.

In this update Jammyjim has been working through tonnes of washes and varying colour tones to greatly detail this Blood Rage Troll, not only is the skin reminiscent of my poor knuckles on a cold day (superb work there!) the colour tones on the leather and simple highlights gone in to mark even the smallest detail.

This troll wouldn't look out of place on a Jim Henson set and with the experiments of the basing using real wood adds a beautiful touch, although with the level of detail on the staff it's difficult to tell which is real and which is the model... Fantastic work!

So what are you making?

Every week we're shocked and amazed by the effort you lot put in on our website, the constant updates of the community projects and forums is awash with superior skills and techniques that we could only dream of.

If you fancy getting your hobby fingers out and showing off your newest paint job, terrain or greatest gaming achievements, don't be shy! We want to know about it. Make a project on the site and let the world know what you've been up to and maybe, just maybe learn something new along the way!

We don't mind if you're a newcomer to painting or a veteran of the brush, everything you do inspires us to create more and more content together.

What's your favourite update from this week?

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